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Contemporary Murals in Northern Ireland
- Compiled by Bill Rolston (1998)

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Text and Photographs: Bill Rolston ... Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna

A Collection of Contemporary Murals in Northern Ireland,
Compiled by Bill Rolston (1998)

The following photographs were taken and the text written by Bill Rolston, author of Drawing Support: Murals in the North of Ireland (Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications, 1992) and Drawing Support 2: Murals of War and Peace (Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications, 1995). For more information on these books, and details of how to order copies, see Bill Rolston's Web site{external_link}.

Murals: the Loyalist Tradition
Figure 1: King Billy Mural, Kilcooley, Bangor, County Down, 1997
Figure 2: Memorial Mural to Trevor King, UVF, Disraeli Street, Belfast 1994
Figure 3: UVF Mural, Mersey Street, Belfast, 1996
Figure 4: UFF Mural, Bonds Street, Derry, 1997
Figure 5: UFF Prisoners' Mural, Lord Street, Belfast, 1997
Figure 6: Battle of the Somme Mural, Newtownards Road, Belfast, 1997
Murals: the Republican Tradition
Figure 7: Hunger Strike Mural, Lenadoon Avenue, Belfast, 1998
Figure 8: Sinn Féin Election Mural, Beechmount Grove, Belfast
Figure 9: Cuba Solidarity Mural, Shiels Street, Belfast, 1998
Figure 10: James Connolly Mural, Berwick Road, Belfast, 1998
Figure 11: Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast, 1997
Figure 12: Cú Chullain Mural, Lenadoon Avenue, Belfast, 1996
Figure 13: 'Time to Go' Mural, Whiterock Road, Belfast, 1994
Figure 14: Anti-Orange Marches Mural, Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast, 1997
Figure 15: Pro-Agreement Mural, Garvaghy Road, Portadown, July 1998

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