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Key Events of the Northern Ireland Conflict

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From - 'We Shall Overcome' Key Events of the Northern Ireland Conflict

Other events
For all other events not covered in the sections above see 'A Chronology of the Conflict - 1968 to the Present'.

List of deaths
For information on all those killed during the conflict see Sutton's Index of Deaths.


The above links provide information and source material on key events in the history of the Northern Ireland Conflict. A similar layout has been adopted for Key Issues. These two sections, together with the Background Information on the conflict, will be helpful to those researching, teaching, or studying topics within this subject.

The basic structure for each of the Key Events is the same. Those consulting a particular event will find: a set of main web pages, a selected reading list, a summary, a chronology, background information, and a list of source material. Users can also find details of organisations and individuals who were prominent during the particular events by clicking on the background to the conflict.

CAIN would welcome contributions in the form of articles or source material from individuals or oganisations. Anyone considering making a contribution should consult the CAIN guidelines to preparing such material, and the list of contributors which contains details of the subjects covered to date.

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