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Personal Accounts of the Northern Ireland Conflict

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Personal Accounts of the Northern Ireland Conflict

This section  includes some information on sources of material about personal accounts of the conflict on CAIN. (There is a brief definition of storytelling in the CAIN Glossary of Terms.)

Note: CAIN worked with other colleagues to produce the Accounts of the Conflict archive, this is the main source for information on oral history and story-telling work in the region (and also a selection of deposited stories).

Some items available on CAIN containing personal accounts:

Extracts on CAIN from autobiographies detailing personal experiences:


CAIN Bibliography
There are other items in the CAIN Bibliography that have been marked as personal accounts.

See also:
Dawson, Graham. (2019). Storytelling in ‘Post-conflict’ Times: Narrative, Subjectivity and Experience in Community-based Peacebuilding, (September 2019), [PDF; 285KB], (this early draft chapter will be revised and updated and is due for publication in the monograph, Afterlives of the Troubles: Life Stories, Culture and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland. Manchester: Manchester University Press, forthcoming 2023/24). Web: CAIN. ... [28646] - [Chapter in Book]

BBC Legacy Series {external_link]
Radio Ulster's Legacy documented the experiences of people affected by the Troubles. The web site contains a selection of 10 audio extracts from the programme.


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
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