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Examples of Posters 1968-1999

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Examples of Posters 1968-1999

The links below are to pages containing examples of posters from the past 30 years of the conflict in Northen Ireland. To reduce the time taken to download the images the posters have been split into a number of categories on separate pages. It should be noted that some posters could have been included in more than one category.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone with other posters, or photographs of posters, who would be willing to make the images available at the web site. All material would be returned to the owner. Anyone who can supply additional information on the posters below should contact the CAIN Director. We would be particularly interested in posters reflecting the Unionist and Loyalist tradition.

We are grateful to those who have contributed material to the following pages. In particular we would like to thank the Library at the University of Ulster, John McGuffin, and Declan McLaughlin.

Nationalist Posters Republican Posters

Unionist Posters

Loyalist Posters

Election Posters

Security Posters

Other Posters

See also:
There are additional examples of posters in the Political Ephemera Collection of Peter Moloney (use the search feature and select 'Posters').

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