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- Examples of Loyalist Posters

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Text, Photographs, and Research: Martin Melaugh
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Examples of Loyalist Posters

Image Details
Title: Wanted, 100,000 Protestants
Date: 1969
Produced by: Ulster Constitution Defence Committee
Main text within image: 'Wanted, 100,000 Protestants ...'
Description: A poster advertising a rally at Stormont, Belfast, on Tuesday 30 September 1969.
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Title: The Orange Cross
Date: 1972
Produced by: The Orange Cross
Main text within image: 'The Orange Cross, Ulster'
Description: A poster / calendar produced by The Orange Cross.
Image formats: [small] [medium] [large]
Title: Ban All Goods
Date: 1970s (?)
Produced by: Loyalists
Main text within image: 'Ban All Goods From The Irish Republic ...'
Description: A small poster that was probably produced in Belfast and which called on Protestants to boycott Irish goods and Irish currency.
Image formats: [small] [medium] [large]
Title: £5 Note
Date: 1980s (?)
Produced by: Loyalists
Main text within image: none
Description: The poster is a facsimile of a Bank of England £5 pound note but which incorporates an 'Ulster Flag' and the iconic image of Gusty Spence who was the leader of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).
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