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Nagasaki University students who helped setting up the exhibition. (Photo: Tomoko Sakai)

Nagasaki University students who helped setting up the exhibition. (Photo: Tomoko Sakai)


Exhibition and associated activities:Stitching Memoryscape 「記憶風景を縫う」
Description: This exhibition incorporates Chilean arpilleras from the 1970s – 1990s; present day arpilleras and textiles, from Chile and elsewhere, which take their influence from the arpillera tradition; and pieces focused on the 2011 disaster in Tōhoku, Japan. Overall, the exhibition, on display in Sendai, 30th May - 12th June and in Kyoto,1st - 9th July, attempts to approach textile art about historical experiences through the keyword of memoryscape.

Memoryscape in this exhibition means images that lie embedded in our minds, which can be a landscape of hometown or a scene from a life-changing event. Scenes from different historical periods can be amalgamated in a memoryscape, reflecting memories of times that one has lived through. This exhibition focuses on Chilean arpilleras as interpretations of memoryscape. The arpilleras’ denouncement of political violence, and their portrayal of multi-layered and often conflicting sentiments, are rooted in a particular social place and have a universal appeal because of that.

In this final exhibition, pieces related to experiences of the A-bomb (Atomic bomb) in Nagasaki will also be displayed, including wall-hangings and nut dolls by Sumako Fukuda (1922-1974), a poet who survived the bomb.

The exhibition builds on previous collaborative work between Tomoko Sakai and Roberta Bacic (facilitator and curator of this exhibition respectively) in particular the exhibition Stitching Resistance - Narratives of Daily Life in Chilean Arpilleras (2010). The Chilean arpilleras are drawn from the international Conflict Textiles collection and from the collection of Oshima Hakko Museum, Japan. For the arpillera collection of Oshima Hakko Museum, see:
Arpillera: Chilean appliques that narrate in silence (2015)
Meeting Chilean Arpilleras (2013)
Curatorial Visit to Oshima Hakko Museum (2013)

This exhibition is:
- Organised by "Stitching Memoryscape" Committee (Naoki Miyamoto, Ayako Osanai, Tomoko Sakai, Soichi Takahashi and Yuki Tomozawa); The Institute for the Promotion Regional Co-existence, Tohoku Gakuin University; Survivart
- Cooperated by: Oshima Hakko Museum; Nagasaki Testimonial Society.

A number of associated activities complement the exhibition programme:
-Screening of the film "Ware Nao Ikite Ari (I Am Still Alive)":
Listening to the voice of Sumako Fukuda, the A-bombed poet
With a comment by Makoto Tokuyasu, Former Director at the Nagasaki Broadcasting Company.
Date: Saturday 2nd September 2017, 2pm-3.30pm
Venue: Hall, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

-Guided Tour
Tour Guide: Roberta Bacic and Yuki Tomozawa
With a comment by Hibiki Yamaguchi, from Nagasaki Testimonial Society
Date: Sunday 3rd September 2017, 10.30am - 11.30am
Venue: Public Gallery A, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

Workshop "Let Us Make Our Arpillera"
Tutor: Roberta Bacic and Eva Gonzalez(English-Japanese translation
Date: Sunday 3rd September 2017, 1.00pm - 3.00pm
Venue: Public Gallery A, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

An electronic version of the exhibition catalogue is unavailable.
Commissioned by: Stitching Memoryscape Committee
Date(s): 29th August 2017 - 3rd September 2017
Venue: Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, JAPAN
2-1, Dejima-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 850-0862 JAPAN
Curator: Roberta Bacic assisted by Breege Doherty; "Stitching Memoryscape" Committee
Facilitator: Yuki Tomozawa (Nagasaki University) Tomoko Sakai (Tohoku Gakuin University)
Outcome: The exhibition and associated activities will create a space to think about and explore the potential of textiles, handiwork and craftwork to transcend language barriers. A total of 661 people viewed the exhibition in Nagasaki. In Sendai and Kyoto,402 and 439 attended respectively, bringing the total number for the three exhibitions to 1502.

Documents: • Exhibition flyer - Nagasaki - view
• Conflict Textiles collection - Nagasaki - view
• Oshima Hakko collection - Nagasaki - view
• Textiles on experiences of war / disaster - view
• Stitching Memoryscape flyer (3 exhibitions) - view
• Handout for visitors (Japanese) - Nagasaki - view
• Arpillera captions- Oshima Hakko collection - view
• Report - Associated activity - Film screening - view
• Report - Guided tour and workshop, 3rd Sept. - view

Textiles Displayed:Earthquake
Corte de agua / Water cut
Juntos en la adversidad / Together in adversity
Panfleteando en el 1979 en Santiago / Leafleting in Santiago in 1979
Al Servicio de la vida / Servicing life
Paz - Justicia - Libertad / Peace - Justice - Freedom
Cesantía / Unemployment
No más contaminación / No more pollution
Homenaje a los caídos / Homage to the fallen ones
Lucía, Lucía, la olla está vacía / Lucia, Lucia, The pots are empty
Carabineros tumbando olla común / Police tumbling soup kitchen
Encadenamiento / Women Chained to Parliament Gates
Mi Trabajo en el Mercado / My work in the Market
Retorno de los exiliados / Return of the exiles
Hermanos Mapuche en huelga de hambre / Mapuche people on hunger strike
Blutspur / Blood trail
Soldiers back from the wars
En el lado “bueno” de la valla / On the “Good" Side of the Fence
El recuerdo de esta historia / The memory of this story
Penurias en nuestra población / Hardship in our community
¿Dónde están los desaparecidos? / Where are the "disappeared"?