Monday, 22 July 2024
Contact Details

Roberta Bacic
Chilean Collector, Curator and Human Rights Advocate
living in Northern Ireland
(Roberta will respond to queries in English, Spanish, or German)

Gillian Robinson
Professor Emeritus Ulster University
Conflict Textiles Associate and Advisor
(Gillian will respond to queries in English)

Deborah Stockdale
Fabric Artist providing occasional textile expertise

Brandon Hamber
John Hume and Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Peace, INCORE, Ulster University
Conflict Textiles Associate

Ana Zlatkes
Conflict Textiles ambassador in Argentina

Helen Maguire
Volunteer Assistant
Previously Intern from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts, London (January – December 2022)

Rachel Archibald
Volunteer Assistant
(January 2024 – present)

Martin Melaugh
CAIN Director and photographer of Conflict Textiles collection

Conflict Textiles Trust


Photograph of the Conflict Textiles Trust Members, 2024

The Conflict Textiles Trust was established in 2023 (Registration number: NICI09368).

In 2024 its members are (Left to Right in the photo):
Professor Brandon Hamber, John Hume and Thomas P.O’Neill Chair in Peace at Ulster University;
Professor Gillian Robinson, Professor Emeritus Ulster University;
Dr Lauren Dempster, Lecturer in School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast;
Roberta Bacic, Conflict Textiles Collector and Curator;
Clem McCartney, Independent Consultant on Conflict and Community Issues; and
John Peto, Producer, Director, Creative/ Digital Education at the Nerve Centre

Former Associates / Interns

Breege Doherty
Archivist / Trust Administrator
2012 – March 2024

Claire Wright
Research Fellow, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast
Conflict Textiles translator in residence: English/Spanish/English
January – December 2023

Kyra Reynolds
Conflict Textiles writer in residence
May – December 2021