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Text and Research: Fionnuala McKenna and Martin Melaugh
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This page contains links of statistical and other information on the level of violence in Northern Ireland from 1968. Those consulting the tables should be aware that different organisations use slightly different criteria in compiling figures on, for example, the number of deaths due to the conflict. The reader should first read the discussion on compiling statistics on deaths before using information from the following tables.

Official police (Police Service of Northern Ireland; PSNI) statistics on the number of people killed and injured as a result of the security situation, 1969 to 2001-02:

Summary tables of the 'status' of people killed by the military or paramilitary grouping responsible. The following tables have appeared in different publications and show different estimates due to the years covered and the categories included.

  • tables of deaths based on Fay, Morrissey and Smyth (1998) [see also previous edition of report: tables of deaths based on Fay, Morrissey and Smyth (1997)
  • table of deaths based on Sutton (1994)
  • table of deaths based on McGarry and O'Leary (1990)
  • Chart of number of killings

Annual deaths in Northern Ireland, by 'status' of person killed, August 1969 to December 1995

  • table of number of deaths
  • chart of number of deaths

Shootings and Assaults in Northern Ireland

  • table of paramilitary ('punishment') shootings and assaults, 1988/89 - 2002/03
  • 'They Shoot Children Don't They?: An Analysis of the Age and Gender of Victims of Paramilitary "Punishments" in Northern Ireland' by Prof. Liam Kennedy (2001)

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