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Bear in mind these dead:
I can find no plainer words
John Hewitt, Neither an elegy nor a Manifesto

cover of Sutton's book This section contains information on the deaths that have resulted from the conflict in Ireland between 14 July 1969 and 31 December 2001. The information has been provided by Malcolm Sutton and is an updated and revised version of the material that was first published in his 1994 book Bear in mind these dead ... An Index of Deaths from the Conflict in Ireland 1969-1993. All the information that is presented in these pages is copyright © of the author Malcolm Sutton. The CAIN project is grateful for the author's permission to use the information. Anyone wishing to reproduce this material should first contact the the CAIN Director. A newspaper article about Malcolm Sutton's research was published by The Guardian on 19 July 2020.

Before consulting the data it is important that users read the revised and updated extracts from Malcolm Sutton's book and the information on the structure of the database. These sections explain how the information was compiled and also provide a glossary to the terms used throughout the index. Users should also read the notes on the pages consulted as these provide additional information.

The information on the deaths is presented in the following sections:
    Details of those killed
  • a chronological listing of deaths (years 1969 to 2001)
  • an alphabetical listing of deaths (surnames A to Y)
  • a search page (name search, date search, and text / key word search)
  • an appendix listing sudden deaths due to a heart problem during an incident related to the conflict
    Statistical tables
  • basic tabulations (tables) of each variable
  • crosstabulations (two-way tables) of key variables
  • selection of a subset of the information and crosstabulation of two variables


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The CAIN project is grateful to Malcolm Sutton for supplying the information. Thanks to Fionnuala McKenna, then CAIN Research Assistant, for producing a database from the original text documents. The CAIN Project is also grateful to Mike McCool, INCORE, University of Ulster, for developing the database to produce the various web pages.

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Questions regarding these pages should be sent to the CAIN Director (
© Malcolm Sutton

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