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Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland

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An Introduction to Murals

The following article explains the use of murals in Northern Ireland.

Jarman, Neil. (1998), 'Painting Landscapes: the place of murals in the symbolic construction of urban space', in, Buckley, Anthony. (ed.) Symbols in Northern Ireland. Belfast: The Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen's University of Belfast.


Mural Directory

Mural Directory by Dr Jonathan McCormick


Books With Examples of Murals

Guildhall Press. (2008). Murals of Derry. Derry: Guildhall Press.

Kelly, William. (2001). MURALS: the bogside artists. Derry: Guildhall Press and The Bogside Artists.

Kerr, Robert. (2008). 'Republican Belfast: A Political Tourist's Guide'. Belfast: MSF Press.

Rolston, Bill. (1998). A Collection of Contemporary Murals [extracts from a forthcoming book]

Rolston, Bill. (1995). Drawing Support 2: Murals of War and Peace. Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications.

Rolston, Bill. (1995). Drawing Support: Murals in the North of Ireland. Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications.

Woods, Oona. (1995). Seeing is Believing? Murals in Derry. Derry: Guildhall Press. [Introduction, Development of Murals, Plate Index and some plates by Guildhall Press]


Information on the Painters

See, for example, the work of The Bogside Artists


Additional Photographs of Murals

In addition to the photographs at the pages listed above, there are also pictures of murals among the list of CAIN photographs.

In the section on Victims, Survivors and Commemoration, there are photographs of commemorative murals to be found among the information on physical memorials. Use the search facility and enter the word 'Mural' into the Memorial Title search box.



To help understand the elements used in murals users should also consult the related section on symbols in Northern Ireland.


CAIN Bibliography

See also the publications about murals that are listed in the CAIN Bibliography.


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