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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh
Material is added to this site on a regular basis - information on this page may change

The following table explains the various organisations and projects that are associated with CAIN. The section below the table provides details of 'associated' websites hosted within CAIN.

CAIN has been associated with INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) since 1996. CAIN staff have worked with colleagues from Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast, under the umbrella of ARK since 2000.

CAIN and INCORE are based within the Ulster University. ARK is a joint project of Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast.

Ulster University
CAIN is a project within Ulster University. CAIN is based within INCORE on the Magee Campus of the university, and is also associated with ARK.
INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute)
INCORE has provided an administrative and physical home for the CAIN project on the Magee campus of the University of Ulster since 1996
ARK (Access Research Knowledge) (2000-present)
ARK is a joint project between Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast. ARK is a web resource that provides access to a range of social and political material relevant to Northern Ireland. ARK is comprised of a number of associated websites and services:
  • Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (NILT)
  • Young Life and Times Survey (YLT)
  • Northern Ireland Household Panel Survey
  • Surveys Online (SOL)
  • Elections
  • Northern Ireland Elections (NIE)
  • Conflict and Politics
  • Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN)
  • Research Summaries Online Research Bank (ORB)
  • ORB Social Policy Research Database
  • ORB Children's Research Database
  • Qualitative Archives
  • Qualitative Archive on Conflict
  • Qualitative Archive on Ageism
  • ARK Research Centre
  • ARK Research Centre
  • Accounts of the Conflict
    CAIN worked with INCORE staff to build a digital archive designed to provide for the storage of stories related to ‘the Troubles’ in, and about, Northern Ireland. The website was launched in November 2014. (A separate website was created so as to be able to use content management system software.)

    In addition to the main sections of the CAIN site (see details on home page), the following academic centres / projects / groups / individuals have relevant information within 'associated sites' hosted on CAIN. (See also: details of the CAIN Associate Programme.)

    The Art of Survival International and Irish Quilts (2008-2015)
    This section contains information on the exhibition of Irish and international quilts that took place in Derry early in 2008 and the many follow-up events related to textiles. This site was compiled as part of an AHRC funded project on victims, survivors and commemoration in post-conflict Northern Ireland. In 2015 a new Associated Site entitled 'Conflict Textiles' was produced (see below).
    The Bogside Artists
    The Bogside Artists were responsible for painting the famous murals in the Bogside area of Derry. The associated web site contains photographs of the murals and information about the Bogside Artists.
    Central Community Relations Unit (CCRU) (1987-2000)
    The Central Community Relations Unit was established in 1987 to advise the Secretary of State on all aspects of the relationship between the different parts of the Northern Ireland community. This (archived) CCRU web site contains information on community relations initiatives and research.
    Centre for the Study of Conflict (CSC) (1977-2000)
    The Centre for the Study of Conflict was an academic research centre based in the University of Ulster. The centre produced over 50 reports on various aspects of the conflict in Northern Ireland and the associated web site above contains extracts from each of the reports.
    Community Development Centre North Belfast (CDC) (1974-2001)
    The Community Development Centre was a community based, non governmental, independent organisation that had been established in 1974. CDC was the main support agency for the local community sector in north Belfast and provides a range of resources for local community groups.
    conflict textiles logo Conflict Textiles (2015-)
    Conflict Textiles is home to a large collection of international textiles, exhibitions and associated events, all of which focus on elements of conflict and human rights abuses. This archive was developed from the information contained in the earlier section 'The Art of Survival International and Irish Quilts' (2008-2015).
    Cost of the Troubles Study (CTS) (1996-1999)
    The Cost of the Troubles Study was an academic / community project on the impact of political violence in Northern Ireland. The associated web site contains information and extracts from the reports produced by the project.
    Photographs of the British Army in Belfast during 1986
    Paul Crispin
    Series of photographs of the British Army in Belfast during 1986.
    Democratic Dialogue (DD) (1995-2006)
    Democratic Dialogue was set up in 1995, in the wake of the paramilitary ceasefires, as a think tank geared to stimulating fresh approaches to the political problems of Northern Ireland, as well as addressing long-neglected economic, social and cultural questions. The above associated web site contains full text of Democratic Dialogue reports.
    EMU Promoting School Project (1994-2002)
    Information on the Education for Mutual Understanding (EMU) Promoting School Project.
    logo of estudios irlandeses
    Estudios Irlandeses
    Articles from Estudios Irlandeses, the journal of the Spanish Association for Irish Studies (AEDEI).
    Farset Community Think Tanks Project (Island Publications) (1993-present)
    Island Publications produces a series of pamphlets which seek to open up debate on historical, cultural, socio-economic, political and other matters pertinent to Northern Irish society. A number of pamphlets are available to download.
    Future Ways Programme (1996-1998)
    Extract from one of the publications of the Future Ways project.
    The Global Review of Ethnopolitics
    Series of articles on the topic of Northern Ireland that first appeared in the on-line academic journal 'The Global Review of Ethnopolitics'.
    A Guide to Ulster Loyalism and Unionism Online
    This guide organises and provides links to over 270 loyalist and unionist websites, including links to archived copies of defunct sites. The guide was compiled by Niall O Dochartaigh who is a Lecturer in Political Science and Sociology at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The guide was first produced in August 2004 and an updated version was made available on CAIN in June 2005.
    The Peter Heathwood Collection of Television Programmes
    Details of television documentaries, current affairs programmes, history programmes, and some major news stories, about the Northern Ireland conflict and politics, that were broadcast between 1981 and 2005. The information contained within these pages has been provided by Peter Heathwood and is based on his private collection of television recordings.
    INCORE (International Conflict Research) {external_link}
    Mainly provides information on ethnic conflict in countries other than Ireland but does have some material on Northern Ireland. INCORE also provides a base for the CAIN project.
    Institute for Conflict Research (2001-2020)
    Research group that was based in Belfast. Formerly responsible for: Cost of the Troubles Study; Templegrove Action Research Limited; and Community Conflict Impact on Children.
    © Eamon Melaugh
    Eamon Melaugh
    Collection of 350 photographs of 'the Troubles'. The photographs include: street scenes; the British Army; Republican paramilitaries; civil rights protests; parades; riot scenes; 'Bloody Sunday'; and children and the conflict.
    © Peter Moloney
    The Ephemera Collection of Peter Moloney
    This section provides details of over 7,000 items in the ephemera collection and a selection of 400 photographs of these items. The collection includes: badges; Christmas cards; keyrings; photographs of murals; postcards; posters; stamps; stickers; tickets; t-shirts; etc. There are also details of over 4,000 books and periodicals held by Peter Moloney.
    Mural Directory by Dr Jonathan McCormick
    The Mural Directory contains details of over 2,000 murals across Northern Ireland including a brief description, information on location, and the status of the mural. The Directory is based on information supplied by Dr Jonathan McCormick who has been photographing murals in Northern Ireland since 1996. There are currently over 400 photographs included in the Directory.
    proni button NAI Records on CAIN
    A selection of public records from the National Archives, Ireland. A first selection was made available on CAIN on 25 October 2012. Currently the collection covers the years 1965 to 1988.
    Northern Ireland Life & Times (NILT) survey (1998-present) {external_link}
    Link to the web site that contains information on the surveys and also full datasets. The NILT survey has replaced the Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (NISAS) - see entry below.
    Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (1989-1998)
    Information on the Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey (NISAS) and extracts from the seven books written about the results of the surveys. The NISAS has been replaced by the Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey - see entry above.
    PRONI Records on CAIN
    A selection of public records from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland archives, which were first made available on CAIN on 6 October 2010. These records were formerly classified and only released to the public after 30 years. Currently the collection covers the years 1968 to 1992.
    Post-Mortem Database and documents by Michael McKeown
    This section contains a dataset of information on deaths related to the Northern Ireland conflict (1969-2001). The information was compiled by Michael McKeown and was contributed by him to the CAIN Web site. Michael McKeown has taken the decision (June 2009) to make the dataset freely available via the CAIN site. While users are free to download the dataset for research purposes the database remains copyright © of Michael McKeown.
    Frankie Quinn
    Series of photographs taken by Belfast photographer Frankie Quinn. The photographs include the 'peacelines', Short Strand, and interface areas.
    William L. Rukeyser
    Colour photographs taken by William L. Rukeyser on Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972). Audio clips recorded on Bloody Sunday and following days. Colour photographs taken at Civil Rights march in Newry (6 February 1972).
    Sutton Index of Deaths
    A searchable database of information on all the deaths that occurred as a result of the conflict from 1969 to 2001.
    Templegrove Action Research Limited (1994-1996)
    Templegrove Action Research Limited was a two-year project that investigated segregation in two areas of Derry / Londonderry. The associated web site contains full-text from the reports produced by the project.
    Physical Memorials by Elisabetta Viggiani
    Information, and a series of 444 photographs, of physical memorials in Belfast (2006)

    CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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