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Zimbabwean arpillera

Zimbabwean arpillera "The day we will never forget" displayed beside other elements of the exhibition, illustrating the co-existence of written, oral, visual, sign and textile language. (Photo: Clem McCartney)


Exhibition and associated activities:From Home to Here: Stories of Languages Old and New
Description: “From Home to Here: Stories of Languages Old and New” will explore the socio-cultural and linguistic impact on Northern Ireland of its changing population from when the first Celtic speakers arrived to the present day. It is a celebration of indigenous languages.

The exhibition is co-curated by Professor Karen Corrigan, Newcastle University; Drs Francis Kane and Kate Mairs, Queen's University Belfast; and Roberta Bacic, Conflict Textiles.

The exhibition will be complemented by a number of associated activities and events:
1. Civic Conversation, "Stories of Languages Old and New: Policy and Practice Challenges", 20th November at 4pm at the Linen Hall Library.

Scholars and practitioners who will contribute to the debate: Dr.Sarah Bennison, Research Fellow in Social Anthropology, University of St. Andrews; Dr Ian Collen,Director of NICILT; Dr John Conama, Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies, TCD; Prof. Karen Corrigan, Director of Research in Linguistics, Newcastle University; Michael Johnston, Language Officer, Belfast City Council; Dr Philip McDermott, Institute for Research in Social Sciences, Ulster University; Colm McGuigan, Language Officer, Belfast City Council and Prof.Micheál Ó Mainnín, Director of the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project.

2. Public Lecture,“From Home to Here: Languages Without Borders”, 4th December at 1pm at the Linen Hall Library.
Commissioned by: Linen Hall Library, Belfast
Date(s): 5th November 2019 - 20th December 2019
Venue: Linen Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland
17 Donegal Square North, Belfast
Curator: Roberta Bacic, Prof. Karen Corrigan, Drs Francis Kane and Kate Mairs
Facilitator: Deborah Douglas
Outcome: Fostering engagement with textiles as sources for learning about war, conflict, political violence and their impact on linguistic diversity, the exhibition has generated important tangible outcomes. First, a new network of scholars and practitioners has evolved; Second, members of the public have had the opportunity to better understand research on different aspects of indigenous languages and the relationship between language and cultural practices; Third, public views have changed with respect to the indigenous status of e.g. Irish Sign Language and heritage languages. As one audience member put it: “[I have learned that] sign languages may be considered indigenous….that issues here in N.I. are not dissimilar to language contentions elsewhere in the world.”
For more information, see documents section below (K. Corrigan, Exhibition outcomes, Dec 2019).

Documents: • Linen Hall Library: Events, Oct. - Dec. 2019 - view
• list of textiles: Linen Hall Library, 2019 - view
• list of memorabilia: Linen Hall Library, 2019 - view
• Exhibition poster: Linen Hall Library, 2019 - view
• Press release: Linen Hall Library, 2019 - view
• Photo gallery: Civic conversation, 20 Nov. - view
• Exhibition "Welcome" poster: Multi-lingual - view
• K. Corrigan, Exhibition outcomes, Dec 2019 - view