Key Issues of the Northern Ireland Conflict


This section presents information on a range of issues related to the conflict, politics, and society in Northern Ireland. The issues are listed alphabetically, not in the order of importance. See also the note at the bottom of this page.


Abstentionism by Republicans
Abstentionism by Republicans






Law and Order
Law and Order / Administration of Justice


The Media and the conflict
The Media and the conflict


Minority Languages in Northern Ireland
Minority Languages in Northern Ireland


Parades in Northern Ireland
Parades in Northern Ireland






Victims, Survivors (See also earlier section: Victims of the Conflict
Victims, Survivors / also Victims of the Conflict



Women and the conflict
 and the conflict





The above links contain information on key issues that have been central to the Northern Ireland Conflict. A similar approach has been adopted for Key Events. It is hoped that these two components, together with the Background Information on the Northern Ireland conflict, will be helpful to those researching, teaching, or studying the Troubles.

In contrast to the section on Key Events, this one examines issues that have been at the heart of the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' over a long period of time.

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