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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh
Material is added to this site on a regular basis - information on this page may change

Below is a list of news items that have featured the CAIN site. There is also a list of some of the commendations for the CAIN site. A listing of some citations in books and academic journal articles is contained on a separate page. The total number of page views of the CAIN site reached 87.6 million by December 2020. (This page does not contain a full list of commendations on other Web sites as often we are not informed of the accolade.)

Mention in the Media:

The following are the media items that we are aware of:

  • New icon Gifford, Catherine. (2020). 'Roddy Evans obituary', The Guardian, Othern lives Northern Ireland, (15 November 2020), (on-line version)
  • Reiter, Eli. (2020). 'Killing Them Softly: 50 Years Of Rubber Bullets, From Belfast To Black Lives Matter', Esquire (magazine), (8 August 2020), (on-line version), [PDF; 298KB]
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'Confidential document reveals top Troubles solicitor said Gerry Adams had 'firm grip' on the IRA', News Letter, 6 August 2020 07:00, (on-line version), [PDF; 284KB].
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'John Hume: Loyalist terror boss 'consulted with Hume twice while drafting UDA political strategy'', News Letter, 5 August 2020 07:00, (on-line version), [PDF; 77KB].
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'John Hume: IRA were 'medieval savages weeping crocodile tears' as they bombed tens of thousands out of work', News Letter, 4 August 2020 08:00, (on-line version), [PDF; KB].
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'John Hume: 'Dear Gerry Adams, the IRA's strategy risks turning Province into Lebanon'', News Letter, 4 August 2020 07:09, (on-line version), [PDF; 69KB].
  • Morris, Allison. (2020). 'Further documents added to the CAIN archive', The Irish News, page 5, (3 August 2020), (on-line version), [PDF; 1120KB]
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'Secret documents show top Protestant churchman believed Rev Ian Paisley was a 'fascist' provocateur', News Letter, 1 August 2020 08:33, (on-line version), [PDF; 57KB].
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). '1986 secret files reveal future SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell passed on intelligence about loyalist arms importation', News Letter, 1 August 2020 08:00, (on-line version), [PDF; 71KB].
  • Sunderland, Ciarán. (2020). 'Influence of Birmingham Six's case on Anglo-Irish relations recorded in latest National Archive's release', Irish Examiner, 30 July 2020 12:22, (on-line version), [PDF; 32KB].
  • Hargan, Garrett. (2020). 'Troubles archive should be funded long-term', Derry News, page 6, 27 July 2020, [PDF; 439KB].
  • Harte, Lauren. (2020). 'Troubles web archive CAIN at UU saved by Irish Government', The Belfast Telegraph, (24 July 2020: 19:30 BST), (on-line version), [PDF; 1260KB].
  • Hargan, Garrett. (2020). 'Irish government funding saves Derry-based Troubles archive from closure', Derry News, 23 July 2020, (on-line version), [PDF; 529KB].
  • Carroll, Rory. (2020). 'The history man: Outsider's solo effort to chart all 3,500 lost lives of the Troubles', The Guardian (newspaper), page 18, (20 July 2020), [PDF; 1457KB].
  • Carroll, Rory. (2020). 'It becomes immense': one man's solo effort to document every death in the Troubles, The Guardian (website), (19 July 2020; 1456 BST), (on-line version), [PDF; 75KB].
  • Carroll, Rory. (2020). 'One man’s solo effort to document every Troubles death', The Irish Times (website), (21 July 2020: 05:45 BST), (on-line version), [PDF; KB].
  • BBC Radio Ulster, Talkback. (2020). Live studio discussion about the funding situation facing CAIN, at 12.45 pm on Tuesday 5 May 2020, (Host: William Crawley; Guests: Sam McBride, Marie Breen Smyth, and Barry McCaffrey), (recording; discussion begins at 46m 00s).
  • O'Neill, Ciaran. (2020). 'Derry-based 'Troubles' archive resource set to be frozen because of a lacking of funding', Derry Now, 5 May 2020 09:24, (on-line version).
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'Ulster University to put vast Troubles archive CAIN into suspended animation', News Letter, 4 May 2020 07:00, (on-line version), [PDF; 59KB].
  • Archer, Bimpe. (2020). 'Solitary mission to share stories of forgotten dead', The Irish News, pages 14-15, (16 March 2020), (on-line version), [PDF; 36KB]
  • Kula, Adam. (2020). 'Future of Ulster University's historic Troubles archive still shrouded in uncertainty', News Letter, 17 February 2020 07:00, (on-line version); (print edition, 17 February 2020, page ), [PDF; 26KB].
  • Hargan, Garrett. (2019). 'New CAIN documents highlight unresolved political issues 30 years on', Derry News, Thursday 22 August 2019, (on-line version), [PDF; 45KB].
  • Hargan, Garrett. (2019). 'Short reprieve for Magee's CAIN archive', Derry News, Monday 24 June 2019, page 1 and 2, (on-line version), [PDF; 5210KB].
  • Halliday,Gillian. (2019). 'Online Troubles archive CAIN gets a year to find future funding', The Belfast Telegraph, page 21, (21 June 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 73KB].
  • Fitzpatrick, Maurice. (2019). 'University of Ulster turns its back on Derry at worst possible time', opinion piece, The Irish Times, page 12, (3 June 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 178KB].
  • Lafitte, Priscille. (2019). 'En Irlande du Nord, la Nouvelle IRA ravive de vieilles peurs et s'excuse', France 24, (23 April 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 1401KB].
  • Albert, Eric. (2019). 'En Irlande du Nord, la mort d’une journaliste ravive le spectre de la guerre civile', Le Monde, (20 April 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 689KB].
  • Items about the Future of CAIN:
    • BBC Radio Ulster, Talkback. (2019). Recorded interview with Martin Melaugh (CAIN Director), and live follow-up interviews with Alex Kane and Susan McKay, about the future of CAIN, at 12.45 pm on Wednesday 1 May 2019 (recording; interview begins at 45m 05s).
    • n.a. (2019). 'Durkan: Defer CAIN decision until City Deal secured', Derry Now, (30 April 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 22KB]
    • Carroll, Rory. (2019). 'Academic vandalism' - unique archive of the Troubles under threat, The Guardian, p.37 (Education Section), (30 April 2019), (on-line version), [PDF; 852KB].
    • Hargan, Garrett. (2019). 'Yale professor denounces UU decision to 'abandon' Mageee Troubles resource', Derry News, Thursday 21 March 2019, page 5, (on-line version), [PDF; 2057KB].
    • The Pat Kenny Show. (2019). Interview by Pat Kenny of Dr Conor Mulvagh (UCD lecturer) about the future of the CAIN website, The Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk FM, Thursday 14 Mach 2019, (Listen Back, interview begins at 01:28:15).
    • Hargan, Garrett. (2019). 'Madness' - Ulster University faces backlash after threatened closure of Magee's CAIN archive, Derry News, Monday 4 March 2019, page 8, (on-line version), [PDF; 2475KB].
    • Staff Reporter. (2019). Threat to university Troubles website 'shameful', News Letter, 3 March 2019 15:48, (on-line version); (print edition, 4 March 2019, page 9), [PDF; 1899KB].
    • Horgan, Goretti. (2019). 'The world-famous CAIN Troubles archive must not be allowed to gather dust', Belfast Telegraph, Friday 1 March 2019, page 37, (on-line version), [PDF; 481KB].
    • Staff Reporter. (2019). 'Future of 'Troubles' archive in doubt', Derry Journal, Friday 1 March 2019, p 14, [PDF; 872KB]
    • Staff Reporter. (2019). 'Archive of Northern Ireland Troubles to close', Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday 26 February 2019, (online edition).
    • BBC Radio Ulster, Evening Extra. (2019). Interview with Goretti Horgan, UCU representative, about the future of the CAIN website, at 5.30 pm on Monday 25 February 2019, (recording; interview begins at 38m 25s).
    • BBC News. (2019). 'Troubles website 'CAIN' faces cuts', BBC News website, Monday 25 February 2019, [PDF; 74KB].
    • The Mark Patterson Show. Mark Patterson interviewed Eamonn McCann about the future of CAIN, on BBC Radio Foyle, at 1.30 pm on Monday 25 February 2019, (recording; interview begins at 2m 50s).
    • Hargan, Garrett. (2019). 'Threat to Magee University resource and associated jobs 'contradicts' the university expansion plans', Derry News, Thursday 21 February 2019, page 20, (on-line version), [PDF; 2151KB].
  • O'Loughlin, Ed. (2019). 'One British Ex-Soldier to Be Prosecuted in ‘Bloody Sunday’ Shootings', The New York Times, Thursday 14 March 2019, (on-line version), [PDF; 127KB].
  • Lavin, Rachel. (2019). 'Keeping the Peace', The Irish Times website, 15 January 2019. [Data visualisation of troubles-related deaths based on McKeown's database from the CAIN website.]
  • Items related to the launch of the Peace Monitoring Report, Number Five
  • Kula, Adam. (2018). 'LVF called end to campaign 20 years ago – here is how it was born', News Letter, Wednesday 8 August 2018, (on-line edition), [PDF; 87KB]
  • n.a. (2018). 'Government insists abortion change is matter for MLAs', News Letter, Thursday 7 June 2018, (on-line edition), [PDF, 45KB]
  • n.a. (2018). 'Widow recalls murder of young binman 30 years ago', News Letter, Monday 7 May 2018, (on-line edition), [PDF, 34KB]
  • Bradley, Michael. (2018). BBC Radio Ulster programme, 'The Arts Show', (item about photographic exhibition about the civil rights movement; interview with Sean O'Hagan and Trish Lambe), broadcast on 27 April 2018 (available on BBC iPlayer for 30 days).
  • Wilson Foster, John. (2018). 'Why the last thing we all need is a National Museum of Troubles', Belfast Telegraph, Wednesday 14 February 2018, page 23, [PDF, 32KB]
  • n.a. (2017). 'George Seawright 'could have followed the same path as McGuinness', says son', News Letter, Monday 4 December 2017, [PDF; 155KB]
  • McAdam, Noel. (2017). 'New call to recognise tragic cases of 'forgotten dead' of the Troubles', Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday 18 July 2017, page 14, [PDF, 32KB]
  • Goodwin, Karin. and Whitaker, Andrew. (2017) 'Theresa May: A Prime Minister propped up by a party tainted with terror', Sunday Herald, Sunday 11 June 2017, [PDF, 35KB]
  • Kula, Adam. (2017). 'Pro-EU Sinn Féin 'like pigs of Animal Farm' says ex-provo', News Letter, Monday 2 January 2017, [PDF; 19KB]
  • Mullan, Kevin. (2016). 'Derry violence featured in 'useful' anti-accord file', Derry Journal Web site, Wednesday 31 August 2016, [PDF; 30KB]
  • Moriarty, Gerry. (2016). 'British fretted over best way of 'handling Haughey'', The Irish Times, 11 August 2016, p.1, [PDF; 363KB]
  • Belfast Telegraph Web site: n.a. (2016). 'Secret documents published as part of Northern Ireland Conflict Archive', Belfast Telegraph, 10 August 2016, [PDF; 50KB]
  • UTV Web News: UTV Staff. (2016). 'Secret documents shed light on Anglo-Irish Agreement', UTV Web News, 28 January 2016, [PDF; 22KB]
  • Derry Daily, n.a. (2015). 'Website to explore history of conflict textiles', Derry Daily, 9 November 2015, [PDF; 133KB]
  • Londonderry Sentinel: Mullan, Kevin. (2015). 'Council were abrasive over closed Post Office', Londonderry Sentinel, Sunday 1 November 2015, [PDF; 25KB]
  • Londonderry Sentinel: Mullan, Kevin. (2015). 'FCO had doubts about legality of SAS shooting', Londonderry Sentinel, Saturday 24 October 2015, [PDF; 59KB]
  • Ulster Star: n.a. (2015) 'Disappeared' victim is laid to rest at Blaris, Ulster Star, Friday 18 September 2015, [PDF; 67KB]
  • News Letter: n.a. (2015). Funeral arrangements for 'Disappeared' pair found in Co Meath bog, Tuesday 8 September 2015, [PDF; 60KB]
  • Channel 4 News 'FactCheck' on 3 July 2015:
  • BBC Arts and Culture. 'A canvas on every corner - Northern Ireland's murals', Audio slideshow on BBC website, (9 October 2013), [Features photos from the CAIN website]
  • Items related to the launch of the Northern Ireland Memoriasl iPhone App
    • BBC Radio Ulster interview with Brandon Hamber (INCORE), Friday 8 March 2013 at 07.25 ('Good Morning Ulster' programme), about the announcement of the availability of the Northern Ireland Memorials iPhone App.
    • Derry Journal: n.a. (2013). 'Derry firm develops Troubles database app', Derry Journal Web site, Wednesday 6 March 2013, [PDF; 356KB]
    • BBC Radio Foyle interview with Brandon Hamber (INCORE), Wednesday 6 March 2013 at 14.05 ('Mark Patterson Show'), about the announcement of the availability of the Northern Ireland Memorials iPhone App.
    • Drive 105 Radio interview with Brandon Hamber (INCORE), Tuesday 5 March 2013 at 13.50, about the announcement of the availability of the Northern Ireland Memorials iPhone App.
  • BBC Radio Foyle interview with Martin Melaugh, Wednesday 28 November 2012 at 14.20, about the announcement of funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland to expand the collection of public records from the National Archives of Ireland.
  • Items related to the launch of The National Archives of Ireland on CAIN
  • Items related to the release of the 1981 public records related to the Hunger Stike
  • The Irish News: McCrory, Marie Louise. (2010). 'Documents shed more light on Burntollet attack', The Irish News, Friday 15 October 2010, p5, [PDF; 422KB].
  • Londonderry Sentinel: n.a. (2010). 'Troubles' secret records now online', Londonderry Sentinel, Thursday 14 October 2010, [online edition], [PDF; 204KB].
  • The Belfast Telegraph: n.a. (2010). 'Declassified files from Northern Ireland Troubles placed online', The Belfast Telegraph, Saturday 9 October 2010, [online edition], [PDF; 458KB].
  • The Irish News: McCrory, Marie Louise. (2010). 'More than 250 children killed during Troubles', The Irish News, Monday 16 August 2010, p.5, [PDF; 236KB].
  • The Irish News: Bradley, Denis. (2010). 'Universities best to deal with future after conflict', The Irish News, Friday 6 August 2010, p.10, [PDF; 200KB].
  • The Guardian: Rogers, Simon. (2010). 'Deaths in the Northern Ireland conflict since 1969', Northern Ireland Datablog, The Guardian website, (10 June 2010), [PDF; 829KB]
  • Swindle Magazine: Ryder, Caroline. (2005). 'Painting The Town', (article with photos by Jonathan McCormick includng front cover image), Swindle Magazine, Issue No.2, February 2005, [PDF; 144KB].
  • Derry Journal, 'Unrivalled social record of turbulent times' - a feature on the 'Melaugh Archive', Friday 5 March 2004; page 18. Part of a portfolio of photographs by Eamon Melaugh.
  • Derry Journal, 'Eamon Opens A Window To The Past' - a feature on photographs of Derry, Friday 13 February 2004 {external_link}. Part of a portfolio of photographs by Eamon Melaugh.
  • An documentary on Belfast for 'Nosolomusica' {external_link} will feature an interview about the murals with Dr. Jonathan McCormick and will be broadcast on June 22nd, 2003 on Telecinco in Spain.
  • A news item featuring an interview with Dr Jonathan McCormick about the Mural Directory was broadcast by the BBC 'Newsline' television programme on BBC1 at 6.30pm on Tuesday 3 June 2003.
  • A news item featuring an interview with Dr Jonathan McCormick about the Mural Directory was broadcast by the BBC 'Talkback' radio programme on Radio Ulster at 12.00pm on Tuesday 3 June 2003.
  • Coverage of the launch of the section containing biographies of people prominent during 'the Troubles' (see press release)
    • Belfast Telegraph, Monday 19 May 2003
    • Derry Journal, Tuesday 19 May 2003
    • Irish News, Tuesday 20 May 2003
    • Londonderry Sentinel, Wednesday 21 May 2003
    • Derry News, Thursday 22 May 2003

  • An article on the Mural Directory appeared in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper on Sunday 9 March 2003.
  • An article about the Mural Directory, based on an interview with Jonathan McCormick, appeared in the 4-10 December 2002 edition of the Irish Echo online.
  • An article about the Mural Directory, based on an interview with Jonathan McCormick, appeared in the Derry News Thursday 28 February 2002.
  • An article about the Mural Directory, based on an interview with Jonathan McCormick, appeared in the September 2001 edition of the Boston Irish Reporter.
  • An article on the Mural Directory appeared in the Ireland edition of the 'Sunday Times' {external_link} on Sunday 13 August 2001.
  • 'On the Web' {external_link} in the Guardian on Tuesday 27 February 2001 gave this assessment of CAIN:
    Conflict in Ireland
    Suitable for KS3/4/5 pupils & teachers
    The definitive website from Cain (Conflict Archive on the Internet), part of the University of Ulster. A wealth of information and related links. It is accessible (with guidance) for KS3 pupils and indispensable for GCSE/ A-level. Key events range from the early civil rights movement to the Omagh bombing.

  • Article in the Northern Ireland edition of The Mirror, Wednesday 7 February 2001, about the Mural Directory
  • Chosen by the Irish Times Education & Living Supplement, 16 January 2001, as the
    Site of the Week {external_link}
  • Coverage of the launch of Photographs of the Conflict
    • BBC Radio Foyle interview with Eamon Melaugh, Thursday 16 November 2000;
    • Radio Q102.9FM interview with Eamon Melaugh, Friday 17 November 2000;
    • News Letter (two-page story), Tuesday 21 November 2000;
    • Derry Journal, Tuesday 21 November 2000;
    • Londonderry Sentinel, Wednesday 22 November 2000;
    • Channel 9 Television interview with Eamon Melaugh, Wednesday 22 November 2000;
    • Channel 9 Television news item, Wednesday 22 November 2000;
    • Irish News, Thursday 23 November 2000;
    • Times Higher Education Supplement, Friday 1 December 2000;
    • Amateur Photographer, 16 December 2000;
    • Scout Report, 22 December 2000, see report {external_link};
    • Irish Times, Education & Living, 16 January 2001, Site of the Week {external_link};

  • The CAIN site was reviewed on the programme 'Click Online' shown on the BBC World channel {external_link} (Week beginning 23 October 2000). A review of CAIN also featured at the associated web site (click on 26/10/2000 to read review).
  • A news item featuring an interview with Dr Jonathan McCormick about the Mural Directory was broadcast by the BBC 'Newsline' programme on BBC1 at 6.30pm on Thursday 24 August 2000.
  • An article entitled 'Troubles website is a hit with Net surfers' appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on Wednesday 15 March 2000.
  • Extracts from the CAIN site were used in the February 2000 edition of World Press Review {external_link} which had a special feature on Northern Ireland.
  • Brief note in the 'Computimes' {external_link} section of the Irish Times on Monday 25 October 1999.
  • BBC Radio Ulster discussion of "politics on the net" with Martin Melaugh, broadcast on dot radio on Saturday 26 June 1999.
  • The Irish News: Melaugh, Martin. (1998). 'Police unable to halt a march into history', The Irish News, souvenir supplement, page 5, 5 October 1998.
  • The 'launch' of the CAIN web site on 12 March 1997. The launch was intended to: publicise the site; indicate the nature of the full service; and to stimulate feedback from potential users.
    Publicity surrounding the launch included:
  • Ulster Television (UTV) interview of Martin Melaugh broadcast on Live at Six on 12 March 1997.
    • Radio Ulster interview of John Gray broadcast on Good Morning Ulster on 12 March 1997
    • Radio Foyle interview of Martin Melaugh broadcast on the lunch-time news on 12 March 1997
    • Various items in newspapers based on the 'press release'
      • Belfast Telegraph (Northwest edition), 12 March 1997
      • Irish News, 13 March 1997, p.4.
      • Belfast Telegraph, 13 March 1997, p.15.
      • Derry Journal, 14 March 1997
      • Irish Times, 17 March 1997

  • Commendations / Accolades:

    The following are the accolades that we are aware of:

  • Article about CAIN included in the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) 10th Anniversary Brochure (December 2015)
          - CAIN Article [PDF; 1090KB]
          - Full Brochure [PDF; 21369KB]
  • CAIN mentioned by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in a debate in the House of Commons, on 23 April 2013:
    • "I pay tribute to the work that is being done by many groups and organisations in Northern Ireland to help people understand the past and give them a chance to tell their stories. Yesterday I visited the University of Ulster to learn more about its CAIN-ARK network, a resource shared with Queen’s University Belfast which has had 64 million page views and which contains a huge amount of material on the troubles. I encourage anyone who wants to understand Northern Ireland’s past to visit the website." Theresa Villiers, (Hansad Column 812)
  • Site highly rated by on Schoolzone's Webguide (5 October 2010)

  • Selected as a Britannica iGuide site by Britannica editors for inclusion in their directory of the Web’s best sites (17 February 2009)

  • On 25 April 2006 there were approximately 25,600 links to the CAIN site from other web sites around the world (previous figures were 16,500 links on 15 December 2004 and 3,400 links on 17 June 2002); based on information from
  • Photographs of the Conflict Selected as "Best of the Week - Photography" by Ponteiro (a Brazilian Search Engine) 15 October - 22 October 2001 {external_link}
  • 2001-2002 Golden Web Award {external_link} (August 2001)
  • {external_link} The Irish Studies Network gave a Rating 10.00/10 to CAIN, June 2001
  • Item on 'Photographs of the Conflict' included in the Scout Report 22 December 2000 {external_link}
  • Included in 'The Link Larder' {external_link} which is a database for educational use that consists of subject structured and quality assessed Internet information resources chosen for Swedish pupils. The Link Larder is a part of the Swedish Schoolnet {external_link} and was comissioned by and has continuing support from the National Agency for Education. (December 2000)
  • Listed as 'Editors Choice' by Netscape {external_link} in the section on: Regional > United Kingdom > Northern Ireland > Society and Culture > Politics (September 2000)
  • Listed as 'The Best of the Web' by BBC ONLINE Northern Ireland {external_link} (17-24 May 2000)
  • Selected as 'site of the week' by the BBC on the organisation's internal research website (15 May 2000)
  • Included on the Political Information site {external_link} (a search engine for politics and policy) (December 1999) - can be found at Issues: Foreign Affairs: Conflict Resolution
  • Given a 'four shamrock review' on the DORAS site {external_link} (December 1999). DORAS is a directory of Irish and Irish-related websites.
  • Selected as one of the Study Web {external_link} guide's best education resources on the web (October 1999) - can be found at Government & Politics: World Government: Europe: Ireland
  • Included in the BIG EYE {external_link} guide to the best on the web (September 1999)
  • Chosen as 'site of the week' by The Express newspaper (Saturday 3 July 1999)
  • Chosen by the BBC to be included in its BBC Education Web Guide {external_link} (January 1999)
  • CAIN was one of the sites included in 'CHOICE: Current Review for Academic Libraries' {external_link} special supplement: The Web Review Supplement - August 1998 Vol. 35.
  • Chosen as 'Political Site of the Day' {external_link} (6 August 1998)
  • Selected as 'Site of the Day' for Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide (30 July 1998)
  • A short article on the CAIN site appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education {external_link} (12 December 1997)
  • The CAIN site was included in the Scout Report for Social Sciences {external_link} (23 September 1997)

  • CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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