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Segregation in Northern Ireland

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Segregation in Northern Ireland

The following is a draft page on the topic of segregation in Northern Ireland. Information on the topic can also be found in the sections on:

In addition a number of reports produced by Templegrove Action Research Limited are being made available at the CAIN site. These reports are based on community research carried out in 'Derry Londonderry' into aspects of segregation and sectarian division in the city.

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The peacelines constitute a physical manifestion of segregation in Northern Ireland.


  • CAIN glossary entry
  • CAIN photographs of peacelines.
  • CAIN Bibliography
  • CAIN GIS Maps
  • Belfast Interface Project (BIP). NIO Identified Interfaces - map of barriers with photographs and descriptions. {external_link}
  • Byrne, Jonny., Gormley Heenan, Cathy, and Robinson, Gillian. (2012). Attitudes to Peace Walls: Research Report to Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister, (June 2012), [Released: 26 September 2012], [PDF; 1182KB]. Derry: INCORE, University of Ulster.
    See also - report; full datasets; technical report; questionnaires; and lay-friendly tables at:
  • Jarman, Neil. (2012). Belfast Interfaces: Security barriers and defensive use of space, (11 January 2012), [PDF; 4070KB]. Belfast: Belfast Interface Project (BIP).
  • Jarman, Neil. (2008). 'Security and Segregation: Interface Barriers in Belfast', Shared Space, Issue 6, June 2008, pp21-34. Belfast: Community Relations Council (CRC). {external_link}
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  • Lauber, Margrethe.C. Belfast's Peacelines: An Analysis of Urban Borders, Design and Social Space in a Divided City - text and photographs by Margrethe C Lauber. {external_link - no longer working}
  • Macaulay, Tony. (2008). A Process for Removing Interface Barriers: A discussion paper proposing a five phase process for the removal of ‘peace walls’ in Northern Ireland, (July 2008), [PDF; 361KB]. Belfast: Macaulay Associates.
  • Peacewall Archive - Artefacts from a city of walls: A case study of urban division in Belfast, Northern Ireland. {external_link}

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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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