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Symbols in Northern Ireland
- Use of Symbols in Republican Murals

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The Use of Symbols in Republican Murals

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Title: Republican Mural
Description: This Mural is dedicated to the eight IRA men who were killed in a raid on Loughgall RUC station. In the background is a Celtic Cross with an Easter Lily in the middle, and the Sunburst at the bottom. The four shields at each corner of the mural represent the four provinces of Ireland with their names in Gaelic.
Title: Celtic Mural, Derry
Text: 'Mise Eire' (Poem in Irish by Patrick Pearse, leader of the 1916 Rising)
Description: This Mural shows a Celtic warrior wearing clothing adorned with Celtic emblems. Celtic Mythology is deeply rooted in Nationalist and Republican culture. At the top of the Mural there is the Republican Sunburst emblem.
Title: Cú Chulainn Mural
Text: 'Unbowed - Unbroken'
Description: Cú Chulainn is claimed by both communities in Northern Ireland, although he comes from Celtic mythology. This Mural commemorates the local IRA members who died during 'the Troubles'. It bears four shields representing the four provinces of Ireland.

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