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Symbols in Northern Ireland - Use of Symbols in Loyalist Murals

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The Use of Symbols in Loyalist Murals

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Title: Loyalist Mural (Londonderry)
Text: 'Londonderry', 'Vita Veritas Victoria'
Description: This Loyalist Mural commemorates the Siege of Derry, with the coat of arms of the city flanked on both sides by the flag of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, with British Union Flags on the outside.
Title: Red Hand
Text: 'No Surrender', 'IRA'
Description: This mural was in protest of Southern Irish involvement in Northern Ireland's affairs, showing the Red Hand of Ulster in a Victory formation trampling on the Irish Tricolour with 'IRA' written on it.
Title: UVF Mural
Text: 'Ulster Volunteer Force: 1st Battalion, B/Company', 'The UVF reserves the right to strike at Republican targets where and when the opportunity arises'
Description: The mural incorporates the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) Crest flanked by official UVF flag. The mural also shows two members of the UVF with weapons. The statement on the left of the main mural refers to Republican targets but the overwhelming majoity of the UVF's victims have been innocent Catholic civilians.

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