Sunday, 12 July 2020
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    'Our allotments, The Pride of New Barns', by Linda Adams. (Photo: Colin Peck)
    'Our allotments, The Pride of New Barns', by Linda Adams. (Photo: Colin Peck)


    Title of Textile:Our allotments, The Pride of New Barns
    Maker: Linda Adams
    Country of Origin: England
    Year Produced: 2009
    Size (cm): 80cm x 71cm
    Materials: Scraps of recycled material and embroidery, including plastic, hand sewn onto a fabric backing
    Type of Textile: Arpillera

    This arpillera, made for the Guinness Liverpool Irish Festival 2009, portrays the energy and sense of community cohesion within an urban allotment. Linda shares her motivation for creating this arpillera, made from clothes donated by a mother whose daughter had just left home to go to college: "This arpillera is my tribute to those who come together and turn parts of the concrete jungle into places where people can experience growing and harvesting healthy vegetables."

    For her, being involved in an allotment has benefits for the individual and community on a number of levels: "Working on an allotment is a great way to make friends and share ideas. Everyone is welcome. We have many immigrant families in the area. When a shed is built everyone brings what they can and we have a party, which is a good chance to enjoy food from other countries."

    A further benefit of this community space is the provision of a place of restfulness and escape from the noise and bustle of city life. Surely such spaces and projects, inducing harmony, community cohesion and improved quality of life, in a hands-on practical way, are a key ingredient in building sustainable peaceful communities.

    Owner: Conflict Textiles collection
    Location: Roberta Bacic, Northern Ireland
    Original / Replica: Original
    Photographer: Colin Peck

    Textile exhibited at: Threads of Life: Quilts and arpilleras that speak out, 16/10/2009 - 1/11/2009
    Cultural Stories in Textiles, 25/02/2010 - 27/02/2010
    Arpilleras: Voices on Tapestries, 8/03/2010 - 31/03/2010
    Arpilleras: Embajadoras para el Bicentenario Quilts/Arpilleras: Ambassadors for the B, 14/04/2010 - 20/05/2010
    Exhibit of Chilean Arpilleras, 20/05/2010 - 22/05/2010
    The Politics of the Mundane in Chilean and Other Arpilleras, 27/08/2010 - 29/08/2010
    Stitching Peace: An exhibition of Arpilleras and Quilts, 16/02/2011 - 18/03/2011
    Stitching Peace: An exhibition of arpilleras and quilts, 17/05/2011 - 25/05/2011
    The poetry of arpilleras, 31/05/2011 - 3/06/2011
    Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles-phase 1, 5/09/2012 - 29/09/2012
    Arpilleras: Verhalen over leven / Arpilleras: stories of life and survival, 23/09/2015 - 20/11/2015
    ARPILLERAS: verhalen over leven ARPILLERAS: stories of life and survival, 16/01/2016 - 24/02/2016
    Enduring Life: Arpillera Voices, 11/05/2016 - 15/07/2016

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