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Outcome banner with the 26 dolls made by workshop participants. (Photo: Martin Melaugh © Conflict Textiles)

Outcome banner with the 26 dolls made by workshop participants. (Photo: Martin Melaugh © Conflict Textiles)


Workshops:Con-textualizando la memoria / Contextualising memory
Description: This series of three workshops was commissioned by the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University and groups of people supporting the Colombian Truth Commission in the UK and Ireland. Conflict Textiles curator Roberta Bacic and Conflict Textiles Fabric Artist Deborah Stockdale facilitated these workshops building on the framework of memorialisation. In these ‘hands-on’ sessions,participants were initially given an insight into several textiles related to the workshop theme (see 'Textiles Displayed' section below). Working through the medium of textile and thread, they focused on their experience of fleeing the conflict in Colombia, of giving testimony to the Colombian Truth commission and supporting it in exile.

These workshops built on previous collaboration with Roberta Bacic. In March 2020, she facilitated a workshop supported by the Truth Commission of Colombia UK and Mid-Ulster Council. (photos from workshop) as part of the preparation for "Cuerpos Gramaticales - The Sowing of Life project Northern Ireland". This collaboration also incorporated a podcast with Roberta Dancing Together recorded by Darren Ferguson, from the organisation "Beyond Skin".
Commissioned by: Colombian Truth Commission support groups, UK/Ireland, Transitional Justice Inst. UU
Date(s): 4th September 2021 - 8th September 2021
Venue: Online
Curator: Roberta Bacic
Facilitator: Transitional Justice Institute, School of Law, Ulster University
Outcome: This collective work brought together victims and survivors who expressed via textile language their memories, actions of resilience, struggle in exile and contribution to the truth and memory, culminating in a collective textile Con-textualizando la memoria / Contextualising memory outcome banner. This banner was unveiled at an exhibition launch and online seminar titled Con-textualising Memory / Con-textualizando la memoria at Conflict Textiles collection: Magee Campus Library, Ulster University on International Human Rights Day (2021). The banner was on display from 10th December 2021 - 27th January 2022. It also features in a short film (6.29m) Con-textualising Memory / Con-Textualizando la memoria which documents the core elements of the overall event on 10th December 2021.
The arpillera doll images are featured in an e book (CEV Uk & Irlanda, 2022) Exilio y Memoria: Voces de la Colombia fuera de Colombia

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