Monday, 30 November 2020
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    'Un corazón como el de todos / A heart like everyone else', Jhonatan/Edwin, 2019, ETCR Llano Grande, Dabeiba, Antioquia, Colombia. © (Des)tejiendo miradas. (Photo: Laura Coral Velazquez)

    'Un corazón como el de todos / A heart like everyone else', Jhonatan/Edwin, 2019, ETCR Llano Grande, Dabeiba, Antioquia, Colombia. © (Des)tejiendo miradas. (Photo: Laura Coral Velazquez)


    Online exhibition and associated activities:(Des) Tejiendo Miradas / (Un-) Stitching Gazes
    Description: This online exhibition is a collaboration between the research project “(Un-) Stitching the Subjects of Colombia’s Reconciliation Process” – led by Beatriz Arias (University of Antioquia) and Berit Bliesemann de Guevara (Aberystwyth University) – and Roberta Bacic (Conflict Textiles) . It is part of the project’s international dissemination and impact activities. Due to Covid-19, the exhibition will take place online.

    The exhibition "(Un-)Stitching Gazes" displays biographical stories, memories and reflections embroidered and sewn by demobilised ex-fighters of the Colombian guerrilla group FARC, their families and new rural neighbours, in conversation with twelve striking arpilleras and other textile pieces of the Conflict Textiles collection. These offer textile reflections on conflict transformation, peace building and reconciliation from Chile, England, Mexico, Northern Ireland, and Peru. It builds on a long-standing collaboration between the project’s principal investigators and the Conflict Textiles curator, which include the exhibitions (La vida que se teje / Life that we sew) in Colombia and (Stitched Voices) and revolves around a joint interest in establishing textile narratives as a language and method of academic research.

    The exhibition will be accompanied by a number of events and reflections on textile narratives and their role in transformation processes, from armed violence to peace and reconciliation. These will feature inputs from invited residents representing perspectives including textile art, education, narrative therapy, human rights activism, gender, and peace and conflict studies. Talks, workshops and other events will be held online.

    As a basis for these online residences, Conflict Textiles curator Roberta Bacic will:
    a) facilitate an online workshop to introduce these residents to the Conflict Textiles collection pieces within this exhibition.
    b) deliver two online talks (in English and Spanish) to guide through and reflect on the exhibition.

    Conflict Textiles will also contribute with a short film giving a comprehensive description of the exhibition textiles. The film will bridge the gap between viewing them in an actual physical exhibition and online, in that it will show them being handled and displayed in a natural setting; emphasising their three dimensional, tactile nature and facilitating greater engagement by the viewer.
    Release date to be announced in mid December.
    Commissioned by: Project “(Un-)Stitching the Subjects of Colombia’s Reconciliation Process"
    Date(s): 15th January 2021 - 28th February 2021
    Venue: Online (This link is not yet live). Venues for accompanying online events to be confirmed
    Curator: B.Arias/B.B. de Guevara-"(Un-)Stitching Gazes"; R.Bacic/B.Doherty -Conflict Textiles
    Facilitator: Project team “(Un-)Stitching Gazes” (UK and Colombia)

    Documents: • Conflict Textiles list: Colombia, 2020 - view
    • “(Un-)Stitching Gazes” project textile - view
    • Project description (English) - view
    • Descripción del proyecto (español) - view
    • Invite: Book & website launch, 2nd Dec, 4pm - view