Friday, 10 July 2020
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    Attendees at the exhibition launch on 17th January listen to musicians Federico Ponce (left) and Pablo Penia (right). (Photo: Gerardo Gazmuri)

    Attendees at the exhibition launch on 17th January listen to musicians Federico Ponce (left) and Pablo Penia (right). (Photo: Gerardo Gazmuri)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Poesie des Nähens / The Poetry of Stitching
    Description: This exhibition, commissioned by PAKT e.V., and facilitated by PAKT e.V. and Eine Welt Forum Freiburg, incorporates textiles which focus on the three themes within the title: resistance, memory and hope. A working group began preparations, with its first meeting held on 22nd May 2019. In the intervening months, this group has expanded to include the following institutions as collaborators:
    Arnold Bergstraesser Institut
    Städtische Museen Freiburg Museum Natur und Mensch
    Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V. (DAI)
    Bodymemory-Zentrum für Bewegung und embodiment Forschung
    Globallmende gGmbh
    Komunales Kino Freiburg
    VHS Freiburg

    VHS September- February general brochure program

    Associated activities:
    1)Conflict Textiles workshop: Wie mache ich eine Arpillera-Puppe? / How to make an arpillera doll, 18 January 2020, Roberta Bacic
    2)"DenkSTOFF" – Workshop am internationalen Holocaust-Gedenktag, 27 January 2020, Heidi Drahota

    Throughout the entire exhibition period there will be a range of associated activities, such as guided tours, workshops and presentations. These will be targeted at schools and a broad range of target groups within the community. (Details available in documents section below 'Exhibition programme: Freiburg, Jan 2020').
    Commissioned by: PAKT e.V. (Projekte, Aktion, Kunst, Theater)
    Date(s): 17th January 2020 - 8th March 2020
    Venue: Galerie der Volkshochschule, Freiburg, Germany
    Rotteckring 12, 79098 Freiburg, im Breisgau
    Curator: Roberta Bacic, assisted by Breege Doherty
    Facilitator: Johanna Menzinger, Pakt eV and Eine Welt Forum Freiburg
    Outcome: Outcome: The exhibition was accompanied by a substantial programme of associated activities, including ‘hands on’ workshops and guided tours. The range of collaborating institutions and individuals involved in shaping the programme gave it great depth, richness and relevance. This breadth of collaboration facilitated engagement with the general public. However, more importantly it resulted in a diverse cohort of people from schools, migrant organisations and those traumatized by war participating in the various associated activities. The hosting institution Volkshochschule Freiburg eV (VHS) was very satisfied with the outcome. This collaboration and engagement has prompted discussion, awareness and reflection. In order to build on this, VHS are exploring how to implement a similar type exhibition programme in other Community Colleges throughout the country.

    Documents: • Photo gallery: Planning visit, June 2019 - view
    • Textile list: The Poetry of Stitching, 2020 - view
    • Exhibition programme: Freiburg, Jan 2020 - view
    • Exhibition poster: Freiburg, Jan 2020 - view
    • Opening talk at launch, (German) J. Menzinger - view
    • Exhibition funders - view
    • Workshop-Holocaust, 'Angell Gymnasiume' (Ger) - view
    • Workshop-Holocaust, Report by H.Drahota - view
    • Photo gallery: Set up, 15 Jan. 2020 - view
    • Photo gallery: Launch, 17 Jan. 2020 - view
    • Photo gallery: Doll Workshop, 18 Jan. 2020 - view

    Textiles Displayed:Carabineros desaloja comunidad Mapuche / Police entering Mapuche territory
    Hermanos Mapuche en huelga de hambre / Mapuche people on hunger strike
    Libertad a nuestros hermanos Mapuche / Freedom to our Mapuche brothers
    NO a la ley antiterrorista / NO to the antiterrorist law
    Our Lady of Words
    Al Servicio de la vida / Servicing life
    The People make the city
    The Africa Quilt
    Waiting for Food
    Escuela en la población / School in a población
    Desplazamiento / Displacement
    Presencia de Edime Peirano / Edime Peirano's Presence
    Los trabajos colectivos son fuente de resistencia
    Blutspur / Blood trail
    Hogar Dulce Hogar / Home Sweet Home
    Will there be poppies, daisies and apples when I grow up?
    La cueca sola / Dancing cueca alone
    Life with and without Bees
    ¿Quién carga con la deuda externa? / Who Carries the External Debt?
    Textile Installation on Afghanistan