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Text: Martin Melaugh   [last update: 3 Feb 2006]
Material is added to this site on a regular basis - information on this page may change

Finding Material at the CAIN web site

I have to write an essay on 'TITLE', can you help me?
CAIN receives approximately 5 or 6 requests each day from students asking for help with essays. Some people ask a specific question related to the topic, some want all the information we have on the topic, and some want us to write the essay for them. As you can appreciate it is not possible for us to provide an essay writing service. As a first step users should check for information on the TOPIC of their essay by following the suggestions below.

Where can I get information on TOPIC?
[The word TOPIC is taken to represent a key 'word', 'term', or 'phrase' that you are interested in, for example, 'parades', or 'internment'.]
If you are looking for information on a particular TOPIC there are a number of ways of locating the information at the CAIN site. You should first check whether or not the TOPIC appears in the list of the key events, or key issues, or in the section on the background to the conflict. Then check the main index. You should also do a search for the term, or terms, that reflect the content of the TOPIC in the CAIN search page (click on the 'search' button that appears at the bottom of each page; there are two options for doing a full-text search of the site). To find citations for source material search the CAIN bibliography and do a 'title' search for terms related to the TOPIC. You may also need to check the other specific bibliographies and databases. As a more general approach to carrying out research on issues related to Northern Ireland you should consult the guide to carrying out research.

Can I do an interview with you by email?
The CAIN Project Manager receives a lot of requests (mainly from students) for an interview to be conducted by email. Many of the interviews pose questions designed to obtain personal opinions on particular aspects of the conflict. A problem with this type of request is the amount of time that would be required to deal with these questions - time which would not then be available for work on the web site. It will not be possible therefore to answer a series of questions in the form of an email interview. Every effort will be given to dealing with research queries dealing with a specific topic. (Those who were looking to conduct an interview should check the FAQ page to see if any of their questions have been answered there.)

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