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Participants engrossed in the 'Afghani War Rugs Reimagined' workshop, facilitated by Conflict Textiles curator, Roberta Bacic. (Photo: Maryna Sulym)

Participants engrossed in the 'Afghani War Rugs Reimagined' workshop, facilitated by Conflict Textiles curator, Roberta Bacic. (Photo: Maryna Sulym)


Workshop:Afghani War Rugs Reimagined
Description: The exhibition Afghani War Rugs Reimagined is Ghafar Tajmohammad’s personal reinterpretation of Afghan War Rugs. It showcases expanded paintings, handwoven rugs, and engaging audio and text narratives from the Afghan diaspora in the UK. A poignant response to the events surrounding the Fall of Kabul in August 2021, it aims to preserve memories and encourage dialogue between cultures. Partnering organisations include: Counterpoints Arts, Yorkton Workshop, Afghan Association London Harrow, a-n The Artists Information Co, Arts Council England | Grant in Aid and Conflict Textiles

It takes place in the context of Refugee Week 2023 (19 - 25 June). Conflict Textiles curator Roberta Bacic will facilitate a ‘hands on’ textile workshop linked to the exhibition and Refugee Week, which has compassion as its 2023 theme.

This collaboration with Conflict Textiles has developed through Ghafar’s participation in several recent Conflict Textile led initiatives: a workshop at the London School of Economics Anticolonial Archiving as Method (March 2023) and workshops in Belfast and Derry (April 2023), connected to the Mujeres Disruptivas / Disruptive Women exhibition. (Mujeres Disruptivas collective arpillera - a workshop outcome - will be unveiled at Mujeres Disruptivas collective arpillera unveiling: Refugee week 2023, Void Gallery, Derry / Londonderry, 2pm, 20 June 2023).

'Afghani War Rugs Reimagined' workshop will take place 11am – 3pm, Monday 19 June.
Further information: Contact Ghafar via the exhibition website Afghani War Rugs Reimagined; Instagram; Twitter @GTajmohammad; view this short video clip Afghani War Rugs Reimagined (40 seconds)
Commissioned by: Ghafar Tajmohammad
Date(s): 19th June 2023 - 19th June 2023
Venue: Yorkton workshop, London
1-3 Yorkton St, London E2 8NH
Curator: Ghafar Tajmohammad
Facilitator: Yorkton Workshop / Counterpoints Arts
Outcome: There was excellent engagement in this 'hands on' experiential workshop which complemented the exhibition 'Afghani War Rugs Reimagined'. Participants gained an insight into arpilleras connected to the exhibition theme. Working on their individual cardboard silhouettes provided an opportunity for reflection on the theme and context of Refugee week 2023 with a particular focus on the Afghan diaspora in the UK.

Documents: • Exhibition programme press release, June 2023 - view
• Textile list, Afghani War Rugs Reimagined - view
• Photo gallery, Refugee Day, London 2023 - view
• Afghani War Rugs Reimagined: Evaluation - view