Friday, 1 December 2023

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Attendees viewing the exhibition

Attendees viewing the exhibition "The Good Friday Agreement: Work in Progress", prior to the talk by Professor Paul Arthur titled "The Good Friday Agreement – the end of the beginning?" RVACC, 13 April. (Photo: Gillian Robinson)


Exhibition and associated activities:The Good Friday Agreement: Work in Progress
Description: Conflict Textiles and Ulster University in collaboration with Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Museum Service are curating and hosting an exhibition and series of events marking 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

The exhibition, "The Good Friday Agreement: Work in Progress", (12 – 16 April) will feature textiles, memorabilia and books, that reflect on the Good Friday Agreement. Accompanying events include:
-A film screening of "Belfast", Wednesday 12th April 7pm;
-A reception/talk by Professor Paul Arthur titled: "The Good Friday Agreement – the end of the beginning?", Thursday 13th April, 7pm; (Event article by Allan Leonard "Art can transcend GFA ‘institutional sclerosis’: Paul Arthur")
-A children’s creative art workshop for 7 - 12 year olds, "We Build Peace: Stitching the Good Friday Agreement", Friday 14th April, 2-3.30pm.

All events are preceded by an exhibition tour.

In the lead up to this exhibition programme, Conflict Textiles participated in the Peace Summit 2023: The Unfinished Business of Peace and Reconciliation at Ulster University Magee Campus, 3rd March 2023. (See Photo gallery in the 'Documents' section below).

Information on Ulster University's programme of events marking 25 years of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement (BGFA) is available at Ulster University, BGFA@25. At the event Difficult Conversations the book Difficult Conversations was launched. It featured contributions from a range of artists, academics, curators and policy makers on the role of art and creativity in a polarised society. It included a co-authored chapter by Roberta Bacic, Conflict Textiles & Brandon Hamber, Ulster University.

(Hamber, B., & Bacic , R. (2023). Textile Language for Difficult Conversations: Reflecting on the Conflict Textiles Collection. British Council. Available online:
Commissioned by: Conflict Textiles and Ulster University
Date(s): 12th April 2023 - 16th April 2023
Venue: Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, Limavady, Northern Ireland
Roe Valley Arts and Heritage Centre, 24 Main Street Limavady, Northern Ireland. BT49 0FJ
Curator: Roberta Bacic and Conflict Textiles team
Facilitator: Esther Alleyne, CCGBC
Outcome: This poignant and timely residency commenced with the exhibition, which reflected the feeling in Northern Ireland before and after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, highlighted the peace work of John and Pat Hume and provided a framework and reference point for the associated activities programme.
-The film screening of “Belfast”, gave a lens into the past and how The Troubles affected people’s everyday lives, allowing for reflection on how significant the signing of The Good Friday Agreement has been.
-The talk by Professor Paul Arthur, encompassed how the Good Friday Agreement has changed Northern Ireland to date and the work still to be done to ensure we move forward into a prosperous future as a country.
-The children's workshop “We Build Peace: Stitching the Good Friday Agreement”, focused on the future, and what each of us can do to move towards more peace in our lives.

The week-long residency saw over 100 participants who engaged in the activities, and over 150 people who visited the exhibition. Overall this exhibition and series of events highlighted the incredible significance of the Good Friday Agreement and allowed for open, engaging and inspiring conversations, between people of all ages, communities and backgrounds, on how we want to move forward in Northern Ireland and what steps each of us can take in our everyday lives.

Documents: • Photo gallery, Peace Summit 2023, 3 Mar. 2023 - view
• Peace Summit, Irish Times, 11March 2023 - view
• Exhibition programme poster, 12-16 Apr 2023 - view
• Exhibition programme bookmark, 12-16 Apr 2023 - view
• RVACC Arts Guide, Apr - June 2023 - view
• Textile list, Good Friday Agreement, Apr 2023 - view
• Photo gallery, GFA programme April 2023 - view