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'Cimarrón / Runaway slave' on display from 10 Feb. 2024 - Mar. 2025) as part of

'Cimarrón / Runaway slave' on display from 10 Feb. 2024 - Mar. 2025) as part of "Inclusive Global Histories" exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast. (Photo: Triona White Hamilton)


Exhibition and associated activities:Inclusive Global Histories
Description: This exhibition is part of a wider commitment from National Museums NI to decolonise their museums. Working in partnership with others, they are interrogating their collections and sites and seeking to address racism and exclusionary practices in society, as well as within their museums.
Further info here: Inclusive global histories at National Museums NI

Conflict Textiles contributes to this exhibition with a Chilean arpillera La cueca sola / Dancing cueca alone (Mar. 2023 - Feb. 2024) and a Colombian arpillera Cimarrón / Runaway slave (10 Feb. 2024 - Mar. 2025). The exhibition takes place onsite with details of an online Inclusive Global Histories trail coming soon to Smartify | Ulster Museum. It will be accompanied by an associated programme of events. What's on (nmni.com)

Inclusive Global Histories - Learning Through Partnership (32 minutes), introduces the work of exhibition partners in supporting Indigenous communities globally and marginalised communities in Northern Ireland and their reflections on Inclusive Global Histories.
Robbie Meredith, BBC News NI (7 April 2022) "Ulster Museum: Slave trade artefacts feature in new exhibition".

The exhibition features in the 17th European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Biennial Conference through a lab event “Inclusive Global Histories: Performing Collections at the Ulster Museum”. Input by Conflict Textiles curator Roberta Bacic and Chilean musician Victor Henriquez.
26 July 2022, 12:00-13:45. (EASA Lab02 event). These events were organised through the Museums, Empire and Northern Irish Identity project in the Centre for Public History and Institute of Irish Studies at Queen's University Belfast in partnership with National Museums NI and were co-convened by Dr Briony Widdis and Professor Fiona Magowan.

Musical Global Histories Performances
Agrippa Njanina playing a mbira, a Zimbabwean percussion instrument
Victor Henriquez on the South American charango
Yujing Peng playing the Chinese guzheng
Commissioned by: Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date(s): 31st March 2022 - 31st March 2025
Venue: Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Botanic Gardens, Belfast BT9 5AB, Northern Ireland
Curator: Tríona White Hamilton, Curator of Modern History
Facilitator: Roberta Bacic and Tríona White Hamilton

Documents: • Exhibition partners, March 2022 - view
• La cueca sola with doll added, Feb 22 - view
• Overview, EASA Lab02 event, 26July - view
• Invitation, ‘Musical Global Histories’ 26July - view
• Photo gallery, EASA Lab02 event, 26July - view

Textiles Displayed:Cimarrón / Runaway slave