Sunday, 18 April 2021
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    Conflict Textiles Team and Magee Campus Library and Estates staff pictured at the installation of the quilt

    Conflict Textiles Team and Magee Campus Library and Estates staff pictured at the installation of the quilt "Hilvanando la busqueda / Stitching the search" by Nicole Drouilly. (Photo: Gillian Robinson)


    Permanent rotating exhibition:Conflict Textiles collection: Magee Campus Library, Ulster University
    Description: This collaboration between Conflict Textiles and Ulster University has evolved from a number of joint ventures over the last decade, in particular: Textile Accounts of Conflicts (hosted by INCORE - 2014) and Textile Language of Conflicts (facilitated by CAIN - 2017). As far back as 2008 CAIN developed, and continues to maintain, a digital archive of Conflict Textiles and events, which was upgraded in 2015 to its present format.

    Several Ulster University colleagues are involved in bringing this permanent rotating exhibition to fruition: Rosina Doherty-Allan, Magee Campus Library Manager; Professor Brandon Hamber, John Hume and Thomas P. O'Neill Chair in Peace; Professor Gillian Robinson, Research Associate ARK and; Professor Malachy O'Neill, Provost of the Magee campus.

    Commencing on 25th August 2020, two textiles from the international Conflict Textiles collection will be exhibited, coinciding with the online exhibition and seminars Following the footsteps of the disappeared. These pieces will be rotated each semester, ensuring that there is a permanent Conflict Textile presence focused on key elements of human rights and conflict.

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    "Hilvanando la busqueda / Stitching the search" is exhibited from 3rd December. This quilt by Nicole Drouilly is dedicated to her sister Jacqueline who was disappeared in Chile in 1974. To mark Nicole’s 71st birthday on 3rd December, Jacqueline has created a textile book.
    Conflict Textiles presents this short video Hilvanando la busqueda / Stitching the search to Nicole to also commemorate Jacqueline’s birthday.

    Commissioned by: Ulster University, Magee campus
    Date(s): 3rd December 2020 - 31st May 2021
    Venue: Magee Campus Library, Ulster University
    Northland Road, Derry /Londonderry, BT48 7JL
    Curator: Roberta Bacic assisted by Breege Doherty
    Facilitator: Magee Campus Library Services

    Documents: • Textile list & display image, Aug. 2020 - view
    • Textile list & display image, Dec. 2020 - view
    • Photo gallery of quilt installation, 3rd Dec - view