Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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The Oshima Hakko Museum team who completed the setting up of the exhibition. (Photo: Tomomitsu Oshima)

The Oshima Hakko Museum team who completed the setting up of the exhibition. (Photo: Tomomitsu Oshima)


Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras - The life and struggle of Chilean women under the military regime
Description: This new exhibition of the museum’s collection portrays 20 arpilleras.
The Museum collection has around 120 arpilleras, most of which were brought over to Japan by the Japan Solidarity Committee with Chilean People that was active between 1974-1991. Professor Masaaki Takahashi, who looked after the arpilleras after the committee’s dissolution, provided the textile works to the museum in 2011.

Mr. Tomomitsu Oshima, director of the museum, refers in his introduction to the 2013 curatorial visit by Roberta Bacic and Tomoko Sakai to study the collection.

Two exhibitions in their premises followed, “Meeting Chilean arpilleras” in 2013 and “The life of Chilean people” in 2017, thanks to the contribution and outcome of this visit.

He ends up by mentioning the 2 arpilleras recently donated by Conflict Textiles that are part of this exhibition.

Tomoko Sakai’s message to the exhibition explains that the arpilleras imported by the Japan Solidarity Committee with Chilean People were mostly made around 1990 as the military regime came to an end, adding that the 2 arpilleras from Conflict Textiles, Represión a vendedores ambulantes / Repression of street vendors made in 1985 and NO a la ley antirrerorista 2 / NO to the antiterrorist law 2 2015, would give a temporal axis to the scope of the exhibition.

Associated activities:
Guided tours
Lectures: 9th September 2018
1)"Political and cultural situation in recent Chile", by Masaaki Takahashi
2)"Report of the Exhibition ‘Stitching Memoryscape’: A Reflection", by Tomoko Sakai

Web links:
Nathalia Santos Ocasio, PhD candidate from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, on a visit to Oshima Hakko Museum
Commissioned by: Oshima Hakko Museum
Date(s): 1st May 2018 - 30th November 2018
Venue: Oshima Hakko Museum, Japan
2567-1 Kiyono, Matsushiro, Nagano City Nagano 381-1233 Japan
Curator: Tomomitsu Oshima, Sonoko Kobayashi
Facilitator: Oshima Hakko Museum team
Outcome: This exhibition aims at making visible the existence of Chilean arpilleras in the museum and to highlight that by the way of a dedicated team in different parts of the world the hardships of the Chilean women are gradually known in Japan.

Documents: • Conflict Textile pieces on display - Nangano - view
• Photo gallery: Lectures, 9th Sept 2018 - view
• Catalogue: Oshima Hakko Museum, 2018 - view