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Conflict Textiles arpilleras on display in the Crypt Gallery, London, as part of the exhibition 'Latin American Myth Deconstruction'. (Photo: Elsie Doolan)

Conflict Textiles arpilleras on display in the Crypt Gallery, London, as part of the exhibition 'Latin American Myth Deconstruction'. (Photo: Elsie Doolan)


Exhibition and associated activities:Latin American Myth Deconstruction
Description: On becoming conscious of the lack of knowledge about Latin American Culture in London, a group of Latin Americans, from the University of the Arts of London, created the first Latinos Creative Society.

This main purpose of this society is to develop a platform to promote Latin American cultural exchange in London. Through this cultural exchange, the question of identity arises: what does it really mean to be a contemporary Latin American?

Hence the Society has hosted several activities to facilitate this dialogue, some of which include: a Panel Discussion at the Latin American House, who also donated some Latin American books to the University of the Arts London; a poetry reading; manifesto declaration; and talks from a Latin American Artist.

‘Latin American Myth Deconstruction’, is an exhibition which concludes the academic year. Presenting this community as a “New North” of creativity will, it is hoped, invite a shift in the pejorative that might exist towards Latin Americans.

It is an honour to include Roberta Bacic in this exhibition. She contributes three pieces from the international Conflict Textiles collection and is one of three special invited curators or artists.

The exhibition launch takes places on Friday 15th June, 18.00 - 21.00hrs.

Roberta will facilitate a workshop on Saturday 16th June, 12.00 – 14.00hrs.

The Crypt Gallery - Upcoming events
The Crypt Gallery - Latin American Myth Deconstruction
Latin American Myth Deconstruction - catalogue
Latin American Myth Deconstruction - Exhibition report
Latin American Myth Deconstruction - Book of comments
Commissioned by: University of the Arts, London, Extra Enhanced Postgraduate Student Communities Fund
Date(s): 15th June 2018 - 18th June 2018
Venue: Crypt Gallery, London
Euston Road, King Cross, London NW12BA
Curator: Roberta Bacic
Facilitator: Teresa Chadwick
Outcome: Thirty five contributors exhibited their artworks during this three day exhibition. It realised its aim of deconstructing myths about Latin America and showcasing the work and multiple influences of Latinos artists, whilst defying conventional curatorial practice. Including arpilleras from Conflict Textiles collection brought themes of the environment, education and women’s rights, spanning a 25 year period, to a new audience; familiar with the themes but not the medium.

Documents: • list of textiles: London, June 2018 - view
• Latinos Creative Society (LCS): MANIFESTO - view
• Manifesto LCS press release - May 2018 - view
• Argentinean artist César Baracca talk - 10May - view
• Arpillera workshop - 16th June 2018 - view
• Press release - (Spanish/English), May 2018 - view
• Invitation & exhibition programme - (Spanish) - view
• Invitation & exhibition programme - (English) - view