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    'Vida en Nuestra Población / Life in Our Poor Neighbourhood', Taller Recoleta. (Photo: Colin Peck)

    'Vida en Nuestra Población / Life in Our Poor Neighbourhood', Taller Recoleta. (Photo: Colin Peck)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras von Gestern und Heute
    Description: This exhibition was opened at the Chilean Embassy in Berlin as part of the DIRAC project the Chilean Government's Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This project aims to support and promote Chilean cultural activities across Chilean embassies, consulates, and missions. The exhibition included 18 Chilean arpilleras, 4 Peruvian pieces and 8 textiles from Ireland and the UK, Spain, and Zambia.
    Commissioned by: Embassy of Chile in Berlin
    Date(s): 6th May 2010 - 28th May 2010
    Venue: 'La Escondida' hall, Chilean Consulate in Berlin
    Mohrenstraße 42, 10117, Berlin, Germany
    Curator: Roberta Bacic
    Facilitator: Roberta Bacic
    Outcome: This exhibition, through including arpilleras from various jurisdictions, prompted reflected and discussion on recurring issues related to repression and human rights abuses. It built on already established partnerships and set the seeds for future collaboration.

    Documents: • Exhibition invitation - view
    • Exhibition poster, May 2010 - view
    • Introductory paper - English, May 2010 - view
    • Introductory paper in German, May 2010 - view
    • Chilean Ministry Web page notice, May 2010 - view
    • 'Arpilleras Aus Chile' - Brochure, May 2010 - view

    Textiles Displayed:Vida en Nuestra Población / Life in Our Poor Neighbourhood
    No tenemos acceso a los servicios públicos / We have no access to public services
    Como hacer una arpillera / How to make an arpillera
    No nos matarán la esperanza / They won't kill our hope
    El NO ya ganó / The "No" has won
    No a las alzas - No a la dictadura - Basta de hambre
    Nuestra carnicería / Our Butcher's
    ¿Dónde están los desaparecidos? / Where are the "disappeared"?
    Retorno de los exiliados / Return of the exiles
    Los Mapuche / The Mapuche
    Vamos a la playa en micro / Let's go to the beach by bus
    No contaminar / Do not pollute
    Juan Pablo te esperamos / John Paul we are waiting for you
    Libertad a los presos políticos / Freedom for the political prisoners
    Verdulería en la población / Greengrocers in a población
    Taller de calzados / Shoe repair workshop
    Los precios están por las nubes / Prices are sky high
    ¿Quién carga con la deuda externa? / Who Carries the External Debt?
    Nuestro Taller de Arpilleras / Our Arpilleras Workshop
    Mi Trabajo en el Mercado / My work in the Market
    A Special Place in Our Hearts
    From Far away come their stories
    Daily life in Zambia II
    No going back
    Play Today, Pay Tomorrow
    Overdue, Overdrawn, Over-extended: Rural Poverty in Ireland
    La Lumbre Gitana / The Gypsy Life
    The "Millies"
    The great Irish famine 1845 - 1852
    Mamá Rayhuana