Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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    'Ganó la gente/People have won', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)

    'Ganó la gente/People have won', Anonymous. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Arpilleras in contested spaces - As part of the Third International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC3): Visual Methods in Mediated Environments: Connecting Diverse Worlds
    Description: This exhibition "Arpilleras in contested spaces" is part of the Third International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC3): Visual Methods in Mediated Environments: Connecting Diverse Worlds. It is hosted by the Victoria University of Wellington in conjunction with the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Embassy of Chile in New Zealand.

    Through these arpilleras we see how women, with great courage and tenacity, have graphically narrated the harsh reality of life under the Pinochet regime, 1973-1988. Through scraps of material, needle and thread they recount collective and individual stories of disappearances, forced execution, torture, resistance, displacement and forced exile, with a more recent focus on transition to democracy and indigenous land struggles.

    Arpilleras from Peru, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England included in this exhibition illustrate how the early arpilleras prompted the use of such textile narratives in other contested spaces as a way of articulating grassroots issues of human rights abuse and exclusion within these jurisdictions.

    The exhibition, which is officially launched at an evening Community Event and Reception, hosted by the Chilean Ambassador to New Zealand at St Andrews, 6.30 - 9.00 pm, Tuesday 3rd September, runs until September 6th.

    Relevant contact details are: Dr Sara Kindon and Mr. Geoff Hume-Cook (Conference Convenors)
    Sara Kindon: or
    Geoff Hume-Cook:
    Embassy of Chile in New Zealand: Ambassador Isauro Torres (Launch Event and Reception)

    Associated activities taking place are:
    -Public Lecture to Friends of Te Papa: "Arpilleras: Evolution and Revolution", by Roberta Bacic, September 2nd, 2013 6.00 - 7.00 pm, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa Tongarewa. (see 'Public Lecture, Wellington, September 2013' in documents section below).

    -Keynote presentation: "Arpilleras in contested spaces", by Roberta Bacic, September 3rd, 2013, 5.00 - 6.00 pm, Pipitea Campus. (see 'Keynote presentation - Roberta Bacic' in documents section below).
    Commissioned by: Victoria University of Wellington in conjunction with Museum of New Zealand
    Date(s): 3rd September 2013 - 6th September 2013
    Venue: St.Andrews-on-the-Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand
    30 The Terrace, Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand
    Curator: Roberta Bacic and Breege Doherty
    Facilitator: Dr Sara Kindon and Mr. Geoff Hume-Cook, Ambassador Isauro Torres (Chilean Ambassador)
    Outcome: As a result of the exhibition, both a research and practice element of arpilleras has emerged and continued. A Wellington-based group of (mostly) Latin American women work with arpilleras to explore the meanings and feelings of living in Aotearoa New Zealand while having roots elsewhere, see

    Documents: • List of Arpilleras for exhibit - Wellington - view
    • Exhibition flyer - Wellington, Sept 2013 - view
    • Exhibition flyer 2, Wellington, Sept 2013 - view
    • Exhibition opening flyer - Wellington - view
    • Public Lecture, Wellington, September 2013 - view
    • exhibition opening- Wellington, Sept 2013 - view
    • Keynote presentation - Roberta Bacic - view

    Textiles Displayed:11th September, 1973, Santiago de Chile
    Paz - Justicia - Libertad / Peace - Justice - Freedom
    Executions in the National Stadium
    En Chile se tortura / Demonstration against torture
    Sala de torturas / Torture chamber
    ¿Dónde están? / Where are they?
    Hornos de Lonquén / Lime kilns of Lonquén
    Olla común en una población / Soup Kitchen in a barrio
    Encadenamiento / Women Chained to Parliament Gates
    Arpilleristas y cartoneros / Arpillerista women and cardboard collectors
    La cueca sola / Dancing cueca alone
    NO a la ley antiterrorista / NO to the antiterrorist law
    No al plebiscito, No podemos ni opinar / No to the plebiscite
    No a la impunidad / No to impunity
    Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros
    Toma de terrenos en los barrios de Lima / Squatters in the shantytowns of Lima
    Queremos Democracia / We want democracy
    Ganó la gente / People have won
    ¡Adiós Pinochet! / Good bye Pinochet!
    Retorno de los exiliados / Return of the exiles
    Hermanos Mapuche en huelga de hambre / Mapuche people on hunger strike
    Recuerdos de Guadalupe / Guadalupe's Longings
    Paro de los estudiantes' chilenos / Chilean students' strike
    No going back
    Reflections on violence
    No a la represa / No to the dam
    The People make the city