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Guide to Literature and the Conflict
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While this section is being prepared the following items may be of interest:


  • Bibliography of works of fiction relating to the 'troubles'. This bibliography was compiled and contributed by Prof. Bill Rolston, University of Ulster, Jordanstown Campus.

  • Magee, Patrick. (2001) 'Appendix A: Category (a) novels by year of first publication', in, Gangsters or Guerrillas? Representations of Irish Republicans in 'Troubles Fiction'. Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications.

  • Pelaschiar. Laura. (1998) Writing the North - The Contemporary Novel in Northern Ireland [Extracts]. Trieste: Editoriale San Giusto s.r.l.


    Pettitt, Lance. (2000) 'Television drama and the Troubles', in, Screening Ireland: Film and television representation. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
    [CAIN had hoped to produce a list of plays (similar to the list of commercial films) about 'the Troubles' but this did not prove possible. However, there is a searchable database of Irish plays, including ones that deal with the conflict, at the PLAYOGRAPHYIreland Web site {external_site}.]


    Frank Ormsby, Frank. (ed.) (1992; Reprinted 1994) A Rage for Order: Poetry of the Northern Ireland Troubles. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.

    Short Stories

    Parker, Michael. (ed.) (1995) 'The Hurt World: Short Stories of the Troubles'. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.


  • CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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