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Unification - Suggested Reading

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Unification - Suggested Reading


Adams, Gerry. (2019). 'Planning for Irish Unity', Blog item by Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin, Léargas Blog site, (6 June 2019), [PDF; 660KB]. Louth: Léargas Blog. ... [19693] - [Blog Article]

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Bassett, Mark., and Harvey, Colin. (2022). Making the Case for Irish Unity in the EU, (15 November 2022), (An Independent Legal and Academic report Commissioned by The Left in the European Parliament), [PDF; 71440KB]. Belfast: QUB. ... [24143] - [Report]

Daly, Mark. (2019). Unionist Concerns and Fears of a United Ireland: The Need to Protect the Peace Process and Build a Vision for a Shared Island and A United People, (18 July 2019), [PDF; 4854KB]. Dublin: Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. ... [28546] - [Report]

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Harvey, Colin. (2021). "Let 'the People' Decide: Reflections on Constitutional Change and 'Concurrent Consent'". Irish Studies in International Affairs, 32, (2): 382–405. ... [28588] - [Journal Article]
This item is available at an external site.

Harvey, Colin. (2021). Debate on united Ireland can’t wait until unionists are ready. The Irish Times, 7 August 2021, ... [28583] - []
This item is available at an external site.

Hubner, Kurt. (2015). Modeling Irish Unification, (August 2015), [PDF; 2384KB]. Vancouver: KLC Consulting. ... [20372] - [Report]

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Ireland's Future. (2021). Advancing The Conversation, The Way Forward, (28 January 2021), [PDF; 6182KB]. Belfast: Ireland's Future. ... [28577] - [Discussion Paper]

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McDonald, Mary Lou. (2019). 'Dublin must plan for Irish Unity', speech by Mary Lou McDonald, then President of Sinn Féin (SF), in Belfast, (30 July 2019), [PDF; 113KB]. Belfast: Sinn Féin (SF). ... [19713] - [Speech]

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Sinn Fein (SF). (2018). A National Health Service for A United Ireland, (United Ireland in our lifetime - A Discussion Document), [PDF; 2331KB]. Belfast: Sinn Fein. ... [28569] - [Discussion Paper]

Sinn Fein (SF). (2020). Economic Benefits of a United Ireland, Sinn Fein Discussion Document, November 2020, (20 November 2020), [PDF; 1020KB]. Belfast: Sinn Fein. ... [28555] - [Discussion Paper]

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The Economist. (2020). A United Ireland, Could it really happen? [PDF; 2242KB]. The Economist, 15th-21st February 2020, 9, 16-18. ... [28570] - [Magazine Article]

Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland. (2021). Final Report of the Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland, (26 May 2021), [PDF; 3742KB]. London: The Constitution Unit, UCL. ... [28557] - [Report]


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