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Text: Martin Melaugh   [last update: 3 Feb 2006]
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Discussion List, Mailing List

Why doesn't CAIN set up a discussion list?
The CAIN director gave consideration to establishing a discussion list but previous experience of being a member on a politics list was negative. Unmoderated discussions on northern Irish politics tend to degenerate very quickly into personal abuse. A moderated list could involve up to 50 per cent of the manager's time; hence less work on the web site. There are a number of existing discussion lists some of which are listed at:

Does CAIN have a mailing list?
CAIN has an email list that is only used once or twice a year. The list is mainly comprised of the email addresses of people who have contacted CAIN or who have an interest in the Northern Ireland conflict or politics in the region. The list contains only email addresses and does not include any other details such as names. The list is used to inform users of major additions to the site or new features. In each message sent people are offered the opportunity to have their email address removed from the list. The email addresses are not passed on to any other organisation.

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CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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