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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh   [last update: 11 March 2013]
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Use of Material at the CAIN web site

Is the material at the CAIN site covered by copyright?
Users should assume that the same copyright conditions that apply to published material applies to the information at the CAIN site. We have a separate page that sets out the conditions under which people may use material from the CAIN site.

Are photographs at the CAIN site covered by copyright?
Copyright of photographs remains with the original photographer or agency. The general copyright conditions mentioned in response to the previous question apply to photographs (see copyright page).

Can you supply paper copies of items at the CAIN site?
All our time and resources are used to make the information available at the CAIN site because this is the quickest and cheapest way of distributing material. We do not have the resources, or copyright permission, to copy individual items and post them to people or to supply 'information packs'.

How do I cite items on CAIN?

A report on CAIN
To cite, or provide an academic reference for, a report that appears on the CAIN site, for example this report:
A user should give the 'normal' academic reference (author; year; title; place of publicaton; publisher) but also provide informaton on the location of the item (because it was viewed on-line) and also the date when it was viewed / accessed. So the full citation might look like this:

Nolan, Paul. (2012). The Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report, (29 February 2012), [PDF; 11989KB]. Belfast: Community Relations Council. Accessed 11 March 2013, <>

Items written by CAIN staff
To cite material written by CAIN staff, for example this item:
The citation would be:

Melaugh, Martin. (2013). A background note on the protests and violence related to the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall, December 2012 - January 2013. CAIN Web site. Accessed 11 March 2013, <>

Photograph taken by CAIN staff
To cite a photograph taken by CAIN staff, for example photograph No.20 on this page:
The citation would be:

Melaugh, Martin. (2007). Photograph of 'Hands Across the Divide', No.20, (2 February 2007), JPEG. CAIN Web site. Accessed 11 March 2013, <>

Can you sell me a poster or flag or 'T-shirt'?
We don't have posters, or flags, or 'T-shirts', or badges, for sale. The photographs of posters at the CAIN site were taken of individual posters on loan to CAIN for a short period before being returned to their original owners. Some of the most recent posters (or flags) may be found on sale at specialist shops or market stalls (mainly in Northern Ireland). If the posters are for private study (and not to be commercially reproduced; see above notes on copyright) then users may print a copy locally.


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