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'Violencia doméstica / Domestic violence', MH, Mujeres Creativas Workshop. (Photo: Colin Peck)
'Violencia doméstica / Domestic violence', MH, Mujeres Creativas Workshop. (Photo: Colin Peck)


Title of Textile:Violencia Doméstica / Domestic Violence
Maker: MH, Mujeres Creativas Workshop
Country of Origin: Peru
Year Produced: 2008
Size (cm): 58cm (w) x 40cm (l)
Materials: scraps of material hand sewn onto burlap
Type of Textile: Arpillera

This arpillera portrays the issue of domestic violence and a woman’s effort to get justice. First, we see a pregnant women being brutally attacked. The room is in disarray, a child cries, and neighbours peer through the window.

The next scene shows the women's neighbours dragging the husband to the local police to have him charged. However, not receiving justice, they enact their own punishment. Finally, we see the man tied to a tree with a sign saying "I will not beat again", while the women appear satisfied that justice has been served.

More than 30 years later, domestic violence has been described as epidemic in Peru, with more than half of Peruvian women reporting instances of physical or emotional abuse. The Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán (Flora Tristán Centre for the Peruvian Woman) notes that while domestic violence is prevalent across society, women living in poverty, with poor access to information and education are more at risk. Laws against femicide, sexual violence and sexual harassment are in place. However, their implementation is unsatisfactory, due to inadequate funding and insufficient training and awareness at official and service provider level.

(Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Peru: Domestic violence, including femicide; legislation; state protection and support services available to victims (2014-February 2018), 13 March 2018, PER106062.E, available at: [accessed 7 October 2022]

Owner: Conflict Textiles collection
Location: Roberta Bacic, Northern Ireland
Original / Replica: Replica
Photographer: Colin Peck

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