Sunday, 5 December 2021
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    'Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros / March of the miners’ wives, daughters and sisters', by TL, Mujeres Creativas workshop. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)
    'Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros / March of the miners’ wives, daughters and sisters', by TL, Mujeres Creativas workshop. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


    Title of Textile:Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros / March of the miners' wives, daughters and sisters
    Maker: TL, Mujeres Creativas workshop
    Country of Origin: Peru
    Year Produced: 2008
    Size (cm): 39cm (w) x 56cm (l)
    Materials: Scraps of materials hand sewn onto burlap
    Type of Textile: Arpillera

    This arpillera, by TL, is a replica of an original made in a Mujeres Creativas workshop in 1985. Here we can see clearly that TL, like other arpilleristas from Peru, adopted much from the Chilean tradition. As Cooke, Zetlin & MacDowell observe in the 2005 Weavings of War exhibition catalogue: "The Peruvian artists borrowed much from the Chilean arpilleristas: the idea of using pictorial patchwork as a vehicle for political activism, the use of church parishes for workshops, and even the use of the same overseas trading relationships with human rights organisations and international arts groups... They made an unfamiliar textile form their own, contributing boldly graphic compositions and new techniques" (p21).

    In 2011, María Herrera in the course of a phone call about her work stated that marching was one of the ways Peruvian men and women protested against appalling working conditions and human rights violations. With regard to this arpillera, she said: "Many men, women and children do these sacrifice marches, walking for many days from where they come from and heading to Lima so as to protest against the shameful working conditions in the mining camps. Once in Lima they collected money and organised soup kitchens in order to survive. They also have to face repression. I felt the need to document this".

    Owner: Conflict Textiles collection
    Location: Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc (Badalona)
    Original / Replica: Replica
    Photographer: Martin Melaugh

    Textile exhibited at: Arpilleras that Cry Out, 22/06/2009 - 10/07/2009
    Finding Our Voices -The Power of Arpilleras, 26/09/2009 - 30/10/2009
    Stitching Resistance, 12/10/2010 - 16/01/2011
    Stitching Peace: An exhibition of Arpilleras and Quilts, 16/02/2011 - 18/03/2011
    Stitching Peace: An exhibition of arpilleras and quilts, 17/05/2011 - 25/05/2011
    Transforming threads of resistance, 27/02/2012 - 9/03/2012
    Arpilleras in contested spaces, 3/09/2013 - 6/09/2013
    RETAZOS TESTIMONIALES: arpilleras de Chile y otras latitudes, 28/09/2013 - 10/11/2013
    Women 31 , 7/03/2014 - 15/04/2014
    SMALL Actions BIG Movements, 1/07/2014 - 11/07/2014
    Arpilleras: Verhalen over leven / Arpilleras: stories of life and survival, 23/09/2015 - 20/11/2015
    ARPILLERAS: verhalen over leven ARPILLERAS: stories of life and survival, 16/01/2016 - 24/02/2016
    Enduring Life: Arpillera Voices, 11/05/2016 - 15/07/2016
    Embracing Human Rights: Conflict Textiles’ Journey, 9/01/2020 - 31/07/2020

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