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'NO a la ley antiterrorista / NO to the antiterrorist law', by Aurora Ortiz. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)
'NO a la ley antiterrorista / NO to the antiterrorist law', by Aurora Ortiz. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


Title of Textile:NO a la ley antiterrorista / NO to the antiterrorist law
Maker: Aurora Ortiz
Country of Origin: Chile
Year Produced: 2011
Size (cm): 49cm (w) x 39cm (l)
Materials: Scraps of material hand sewn onto burlap
Type of Textile: Arpillera

In this arpillera, the artist depicts one of the many actions that took place in Santiago, the Chilean capital, during the time of the hunger strike by 34 Mapuche prisoners, imprisoned for defending their land. A large number of Mapuche have been forced to leave their land and live in the capital, generally doing menial jobs. Living without land is in itself a denial of their identity, as Mapuche means People of the Land.

The Mapuche who live in Santiago publicly demand that the rights of their people imprisoned and on hunger strike are respected and upheld. They demand that the anti-terrorist law should not be applied.

We can see that everyday people have joined the non violent action taking place in the centre of the capital. Leading the march are Mapuche women, dressed in their indigenous clothes, and men wearing ponchos, carrying their flag. The police have violently disrupted the march. They are dragging one of the Mapuche women by her hair and are also taking away their flag. Some men are also being dragged away and two police cars, guarded by armed police, are ominously visible in the background.

There is no sun in the sky but it is in the flag itself. Aurora, the artist, is one of the participants in this action.

Owner: Conflict Textiles collection
Location: Conflict Textiles store
Original / Replica: Original
Photographer: Martin Melaugh
Provenance: Aurora Ortiz

Textile exhibited at: Transforming threads of resistance, 27/02/2012 - 9/03/2012
Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles-phase 1, 5/09/2012 - 29/09/2012
Stitching and Unstitching The Troubles-phase 2, 13/04/2013 - 29/06/2013
Arpilleras in contested spaces, 3/09/2013 - 6/09/2013
RETAZOS TESTIMONIALES: arpilleras de Chile y otras latitudes, 28/09/2013 - 10/11/2013
SMALL Actions BIG Movements, 1/07/2014 - 11/07/2014
Sew to Speak – Human Rights, 12/09/2014 - 14/09/2014
Arpillera Journeys, 6/03/2015 - 12/06/2015
Rebeldes / Rebels -FITE Festival (Festival Internacional de Textiles Extra Ordinario), 7/12/2017 - 31/03/2018
Huellas: puntadas y caminares de la memoria / Footprints: memory stitches and steps , 29/09/2018 - 4/11/2018
Poesie des Nähens / The Poetry of Stitching, 17/01/2020 - 8/03/2020
Arpilleras Poéticas, 7/12/2023 - 12/02/2024
Diásporas textiles: Diálogos con la Colección, 12/02/2024 - 17/03/2024

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