Monday, 6 July 2020
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    'Northern Ireland Reconciliation Quilt', by Women Together, Belfast. (Photo: Colin Peck)
    'Northern Ireland Reconciliation Quilt', by Women Together, Belfast. (Photo: Colin Peck)


    Title of Textile:Northern Ireland Reconciliation Quilt
    Maker: Women Together
    Country of Origin: Northern Ireland
    Year Produced: 1995c
    Size (cm): 1.82m (w) x 2.28m (l)
    Materials: A mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics
    Type of Textile: Quilt

    Women Together was founded in the Autumn of 1970 by Ruth Agnew and Monica Patterson, when violence from The Troubles was at it’s height. Ruth, a Protestant, fervently believed that women should unite and use their influence to promote peace and reconciliation within Northern Ireland. She and Monica, an English Catholic, living in Belfast, held a public meeting and Women Together was born.

    From the beginning, it worked to end sectarian violence, support the victims of violence, give women a “voice” and create a pluralistic society based on mutual understanding and respect.

    This quilt focuses on reconciliation and predates the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. It was completed by women and womens’ organisations all over Ireland and includes a panel from Australia. It reflects these womens’ tentative steps of moving towards reconciliation amidst the conflict and creating a better, more peaceful present and future in Northern Ireland.

    Owner: Women Together
    Location: Roberta Bacic, Northern Ireland
    Original / Replica: Original
    Photographer: Colin Peck

    Textile exhibited at: The Art of Survival: International and Irish Quilts, 8/03/2008 - 19/04/2008
    Stitched Legacies of Conflicts , 7/10/2016 - 26/11/2016

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