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Textile Details

'Events of 1998', by Irene MacWilliam. (Photo: Irene MacWilliam)
'Events of 1998', by Irene MacWilliam. (Photo: Irene MacWilliam)


Title of Textile:Events of 1998
Maker: Irene MacWilliam
Country of Origin: Northern Ireland
Year Produced: 1999
Size (cm): 1.35m x 2.10m
Materials: cottons, polycottons, fabric paints, free machine writing
Type of Textile: Quilt

Since 1986, Irene has crafted an annual Events of the Year quilt, each one consisting of 20 panels depicting significant world events. A natural curiosity combined with a love of textiles inspired her to create these unique quilts.

Several factors motivated her to depict particular world events in her 1998 quilt: "I am aware of our need to care for the environment, hence the many panels relating to this area. Having been a social worker I am interested in people, their situations ...and how many are unable to change their lives, either due to the politics of the states where they live or due to natural disasters that often seem to occur in disadvantaged areas."

As Irene's quilts reflect world events, the repeated portrayal of war, civil unrest and natural disasters is a salutary reminder to world leaders of the need for new directions:

"Natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding are regular events in certain areas. Wars and civil unrest are featured year after year."

Owner: Irene MacWilliam
Location: Northern Ireland
Original / Replica: Original
Photographer: Irene MacWilliam

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