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'A Quilt for the world', by Workshop

'A Quilt for the world', by Workshop "Art of Survival", Women in One World. (Photo: Martin Melaugh)


Exhibition and associated activities:The Art of Survival: International and Irish Quilts
Description: “The Art of Survival: International and Irish Quilts” exhibition took place in nine venues across Derry from 8th February until 19th April 2008, with the Tower Museum being one venue. The combined exhibition of Irish and International quilts and Chilean arpilleras was the result of a collaboration between Derry City Council Heritage and Museum Services and The Junction with guest curator Roberta Bacic.

Two launch events heralded this extensive exhibition programme. The Politics of Chilean Arpilleras, a forerunner to the main exhibition, was launched in the Harbour Museum, Derry, on 8th February. One month later, the overall exhibition was launched in the Verbal Arts Centre.

A total of 26 Irish quilts, 17 Chilean arpilleras and 24 international quilts were displayed at the nine venues in Derry.
Commissioned by: Derry City Council, Heritage & Museum Service with local partner
Date(s): 8th March 2008 - 19th April 2008
Venue: Tower Museum, Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Union Hall Place, Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland. BT48 6LU
Curator: Roberta Bacic (guest curator)
Facilitator: Bernadette Walsh, Archivist, Heritage & Museum Service, Derry City Council
Outcome: The exhibition was well received by viewers due to the variety of pieces on display and the level of engagement with participants, facilitated by guided tours and ‘hands-on’ workshops. It marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the Council’s Tower Museum and Roberta Bacic leading to further textile exhibitions, workshops and outreach activities.

Documents: • Irish Quilts Catalogue - The Art of Survival - view
• International and Irish Quilts catalogue - view
• International Quilts Catalogue - view
• Press Release, Derry 0208 - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Common Loss' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Common Loss' (detail) - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Love Across the Waves' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Fern Woman' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'La Cueca Sola' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Homenaje a los caídos' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Aquí se tortura' - view
• Exhibition postcard, 'Ayer - Hoy' - view
• Postcard, 'Vida en Nuestra Población' - view
• Postcard, 'Vida en Nuestra Población' -detail - view