Tuesday, 17 May 2022
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    Installation of collective work April 7th. CC by NC-SA CONARTE

    Installation of collective work April 7th. CC by NC-SA CONARTE


    Textile installation:Abrazo Entramado (Woven Hug)
    Description: This textile installation Abrazo Entramado (Woven Hug) seeks to hug the city of Monterray with two arms made of recycled fabrics which will be embroidered together with the local community. This piece reflects upon the uncertainties faced during Covid-19. The process is facilitated by artists Tere Chad and Cordelia Rizzo and several collaborating individuals and organisations: LABNL Lab Cultural Ciudadano de CONARTE Consejo para la Cultura y las Artes de Nuevo León (Cultural Lab from Arts Council from Nuevo León State) & UDEM Universidad de Monterrey (University from Monterrey). It is comprised of several stages: Fabrics Recycling Campaign, Prototyping Sessions, Open Conversation, Closing Event, Public Intervention and Exhibition.

    The installation is inspired by Chilean arpilleras (sackcloth embroidery) developed during the military dictatorship (1973 – 1990), particularly ¿Dónde están nuestros hijos? / Where are our children?, (1979) from Conflict Textiles collection. This inspiration from arpilleras has been forged through previous collaborations with Conflict Textiles: Latin American Myth Deconstruction (London, 2018) and Neo Norte (Santiago, Chile, 2018). Through this initiative the artists endeavour to reconfigure the traditional bidimensional ‘arpillera’ into a three-dimensional sculptural object.

    The community of Monterrey and neighbouring areas is invited to participate in the project from 16 February until 7 April 2022 by donating yarns and recycled fabrics and/or participating in prototyping sessions.

    Further information is available at the in depth project overview and associated activities (also available in the ‘documents’ section below).

    Breve artículo del periodista Nicolás Durante | Publicado el Sábado 26 de marzo de 2022 en Diario Financiero de Chile.
    A photo record of the process - flickr link
    Resumen del prototipo / Prototype Overview
    Commissioned by: LABNL, Artes de Nuevo León & UDEM Universidad de Monterrey
    Date(s): 16th February 2022 - 7th April 2022
    Venue: Cultural Centre LABNL, Lab Cultural Ciudadano, Mexico
    Washington S/N , Centro, 64000 Monterrey- Antiguo Palacio Federal, Mexico
    Curator: Tere Chad
    Facilitator: Tere Chad & Cordelia Rizzo

    Documents: • Project overview and associated activities - view
    • Donation of materials, Feb/Mar 22 - view
    • Prototype sessions, March 22 - view
    • Impression of final installation - view