Friday, 10 July 2020
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    'XX1 Century Goddess', by Ana Zlatkes & Mirta Zak. (Photo: Ana Zlatkes)

    'XX1 Century Goddess', by Ana Zlatkes & Mirta Zak. (Photo: Ana Zlatkes)


    Exhibition and associated activities:Women 31: 31 textile stories and associated activities celebrating International Women
    Description: In 2014, the Verbal Arts Centre, in collaboration with the Tower Museum and Voluntary Arts Ireland, celebrated International Women’s day through Women 31. This initiative, comprised of 31 textile stories and actions has its origins in the permanent-rotating exhibition of story textiles in VAC which commenced in 2008. Women 31 marks the thirty first such exhibition.

    Connecting the local and global is a central theme of this initiative. Arpilleras, quilts and wall hangings from Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Zimbabwe, stitched by women working individually or collectively, highlight a range of issues: the environment, unemployment, displacement, disappearance, human rights abuses, domestic violence and survival. Such issues, though different in scale, have resonance in all corners of the globe.

    A spotlight on Mabel Colhoun, an Installation of objects from the Mabel Colhoun Collection at the Tower Museum offers us an insight into the life of a local woman who made a significant contribution to archaeology in the North West.

    Wool Against Weapons, Knitting sessions in the Verbal Arts Centre offers an opportunity to knit a small square, 15 of which make up a baby blanket, contributing to a seven mile scarf, the purpose of which is to highlight the weapons industry, our increasingly militarised societies and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. At the end of the campaign, Saturday 9th August 2014 to mark Nagasaki Day, the baby blankets that make up the long denouncing scarf will be donated to refugee camps to be used by displaced mothers from war torn countries.

    Reading room sessions in the verbal arts centre and other locations, focusing on themes related to International Women’s day, provide a space to read, discuss, reflect and pause in our journey onward from International Women’s day.

    Other info:
    Guided tours by Roberta Bacic will take place 11.00 - 12.00 noon and 2.00 - 3.00 pm on Saturday March 8th, commencing at the Verbal Arts Centre and proceeding to the Tower Museum. Guided tours will also take place on Tuesday March 11th and March 18th, times to be agreed by request.
    Morning and afternoon knitting sessions (led by Caroline Kuyper) and reading room sessions will also take place in the Verbal Arts Centre on March 8th. For the duration of the exhibition, reading room sessions (with closed groups), focusing on themes relating to International Women’s day, will take place in a number of venues throughout Derry/Londonderry.

    For more information contact Sinead McLaughlin,
    Administrative Officer
    Verbal Arts Centre

    Contact details for the Tower museum: Bernadette Walsh
    Heritage & Museum Service, Derry City Council

    Web links:
    Verbal Arts Centre
    YouTube Video (4:19) of the opening event, (7 March 2014).
    Commissioned by: Verbal Arts Centre
    Date(s): 7th March 2014 - 15th April 2014
    Venue: Verbal Arts Centre, Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    Verbal Arts Centre, Stable lane and Mall Wall, Bishop Street Within, Derry/Londonderry; Tower Museum, Union Hall Place, Derry/Londonderry
    Curator: Roberta Bacic assisted by Breege Doherty
    Facilitator: Verbal Arts Centre in collaboration with Tower Museum
    Outcome: Excellent level of engagement and attendance at launch and associated activities.

    Documents: • Launch invitation - Women 31 - view
    • Women 31 - IWD programme 2014 - view

    Textiles Displayed:XX1 Century Goddess
    A Piece of Me, a Piece of Us
    Cultures from the Heart
    Ely Farmers' Market
    Como hacer una arpillera / How to make an arpillera
    Nuestro Taller de Arpilleras / Our Arpilleras Workshop
    Lavandería Santa María / Santa María Launderette
    Mi Trabajo en el Mercado / My work in the Market
    Play Today, Pay Tomorrow
    No más contaminación / No more pollution
    Life with and without Bees
    Will there be poppies, daisies and apples when I grow up?
    Irene, Marta, Hilda, Patricia: Now and Always Present
    They Fell like Stars from the Sky / Cayeron del cielo como estrellas
    Violencia en Ayacucho/Violence in Ayacucho
    Marcha de las mujeres de los mineros
    The People make the city
    Lost children of war
    Exilio de los Republicanos cruzando los Pirineos
    Violar es un crimen / Rape is a crime
    Los precios están por las nubes / Prices are sky high
    They burnt our homes
    Olla común en una población / Soup Kitchen in a barrio
    Somos Mujeres cesantes / We are unemployed women
    No al femicido / No to violence against women
    Violencia Doméstica / Domestic Violence
    Hogar Dulce Hogar / Home Sweet Home
    Overdue, Overdrawn, Over-extended: Rural Poverty in Ireland
    La cueca sola / Dancing cueca alone