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Memorabilia on display for the first time as part of

Memorabilia on display for the first time as part of "Torn from Home" exhibition: (L-R) Tape lace centrepiece, Lock for trunk and Frivoleté / Tatting lace centrepiece. (Photo: Eva Gonzalez)


Exhibition and associated activities:Torn from Home: Remembering the Holocaust
Description: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust offers the theme of Torn From Home to encourage audiences to reflect on how enforced loss of a safe place to call ‘home’ is part of the trauma faced by anyone experiencing persecution. This new exhibition will feature an array of objects including original textile artworks, memorabilia, photos and items from the Conflict Textiles collection.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2019: Torn from home
Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 - Nazi Persecution: 1933-1945

A guided tour of the exhibition and discussion with Curator Roberta Bacic will take place on Monday 28th January at 11am.
A final guided tour at 10.30am on Thursday, 28th February marks the close of the exhibition.
Commissioned by: Linen Hall Library, Belfast
Date(s): 10th January 2019 - 28th February 2019
Venue: Linen Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland
17 Donegall Square North, Belfast, Northern Ireland. BT1 5GB
Curator: Roberta Bacic, assisted by Breege Doherty
Facilitator: Deborah Douglas, Programme Manager Linen Hall Library

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