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Songs and Music About the Conflict

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Songs and Music About the Conflict

Music forms an important part of the cultural identity of the two traditions in Northern Ireland. As in times of previous conflict, song writing and the singing of songs have been an important feature of the current 'Troubles'. This page is only intended as a brief introduction to the topic. Below are links to a list of songs about the conflict compiled by Katrin Pietzonka (2008), and extracts to the lyrics of Republican and Loyalist songs.


List of Songs About 'the Troubles'


Examples of Republican and Loyalist Songs

The following links provide extracts from two books of songs, one Republican and the other Loyalist.


See also:

Bailie, Stuart. (2018). Trouble Songs: Music and Conflict in Northern Ireland. Belfast: Stuart Bailie. ... [23640] - [Book]


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