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Visualising the Conflict
GIS Maps, Google Maps, and Virtual Educational Space
GIS Mapping by Luke Kelleher; Google Map Development by Julio Lopez Losada;
Virtual Educational Space Development by Kerri McCusker and Julio Lopez Losada

This page provides links to the main outputs from the 'Visualising the Conflict' project which was funded by the AHRC. It was a follow-up to the earlier 'Victims, Survivors and Commemoration' project.

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The major outputs are:

  • a series of GIS Maps (Geographical Information Systems maps) of deaths related to the conflict and physical memorials in public spaces;
  • interactive Google Maps displaying information on physical memorials and deaths as a result of the conflict;
  • a virtual educational space, developed in Second Life and backed-up in OpenSim, which allows users to interact with information and 3D models of physical memorials;
  • short videos of a selection of physical memorials; and
  • a set of Project Guides and other outputs.

The links below contain further information and the resources. The information can also be found via the 'Map+' drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the above menu bar.

view buttonIntroduction
Introduction to the 'Visualising the Conflict' project, funded by the AHRC.

view buttonGIS Maps
screenshot24 sets of GIS maps, in various formats, displaying information about deaths due to the conflict (1969-2001) and physical memorials to the conflict, that users can view or download.
view buttonSuplementary GIS Graphs
screenshot4 sets of GIS graphs, in various formats, that users can view or download. The graphs were produced using GIS software and are intended to supplement the information contained in the GIS Maps above.
view buttonSuplementary GIS Tables
screenshot2 GIS tables, in various formats, that users can view or download. The tables were produced using GIS software and are intended to supplement the GIS maps above.
[NOTE: Additional tables to be added]

view buttonGoogle Map of Physical Memorials
screenshotA Google Map of Ireland with an interactive overlay of the location of physical memorials to the conflict. The 'vew' button (to the right) opens the main / default Google map (and Google Street View).
Five different versions of this map are also available.

view buttonD R A F T Google Map of Deaths
screenshotA DRAFT Google Map with an interactive overlay of the location of deaths as a result of the conflict. Due to possible delays in downloading the pointer information for the large number of deaths in the database, this map has been set to open without any points displayed. Users have to select the information they wish to see displayed on the map.
Important: Before using this Google Map for the first time, please read the NOTE.

view buttonVirtual Educational Space
screenshotA guide and introduction to the layout, and content, of the information presented in a virtual educational space using the Second Life platform (with a backup on OpenSim). The guide also contains information on how to access the virtual educational space in Second Life.

view buttonVideo
screenshot Video footage of a selection of physical memorials. This footage is included to complement the still photographs in the memorials database, the street view embedded with the Google map, and also the 3D models in the virtual educational space. The video will give users a better sense of the scale and the environment in which the memorials are situated.

view buttonOther Project Outputs
A list, with links to documents, of other outputs produced as part of the project. The outputs include: Project Guides; Conference Paper; Conference Presentations; Other Presentations; Virtual Presentations; and Other Publicity Materials.


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