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Key Issues - The Media and the Northern Ireland Conflict

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The Media and the Northern Ireland Conflict

  • a selected reading list

  • summary of the issue

  • background information

    • Bairner, Alan. (1996) 'The Media', in, Aughey, Arthur., and Morrow, Duncan. (eds.) (1996) 'Northern Ireland Politics'. London: Longman.

    • McCann, Eamonn. (1972?) The British Press and Northern Ireland. Belfast: Northern Ireland Socialist Research Centre.

  • chronology

  • main pages

  • resources

      The Peter Heathwood Collection of Television Programmes
      A searchable database and listing of television programmes from 1981 to 2005.

      The Film and Sound Resource Unit's (FSRU) searchable database of television programmes relating to the conflict and politics, 1968 to 1996. The information contained in the database was supplied by the Film and Sound Resource Unit of the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities, University of Ulster. The database contains details on 695 programmes, or news items, or current affairs items, about 'the Troubles'.

      A List of British Television Programmes About the Conflict (1968 to 1978). The information contained in this list is based on the article:
      Belfast Workers Research Unit. (1979) 'Ten Years of TV Coverage', Belfast Bulletin, Spring 1979, No.6, pp20-25. (Published by the Belfast Workers Research Unit.)

      Guide to web sites containing transcripts of television programmes

      A list of the various media organisations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

      Calendar of Newspaper Articles dealing with Civil Rights issues, 1 June 1968 - 9 December 1968 by Alan Scott

      Source material related to 'Section 31' of the Broadcasting Authority Act in the Republic of Ireland

  • list of source material

  • see also:

    • A list of movies which have the conflict as a main theme, may also be of interest

    • Pettitt, Lance. (2000), 'Television drama and the Troubles', in 'Screening Ireland: Film and Television Representation'. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

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