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Search Facility

Search (Title, Author, Year) of NAI documents listed in CAIN Bibliography

Search for citations to NAI documents by title, author, or year
(select a 'field', enter text in the box, then click 'SEARCH')
Title: full title or part of the title; or one keyword or phrase
Author: full, or part of, surname; or surname and first initial eg smith, a
Year: (currently available: 1965-1988, and 1995-1998)

Key Word / Phrase Search of NAI documents listed in CAIN Bibliography

Alternatively search for citations with the following words or phrases in the title or key words field
(select relevant words or phrases from the drop-down menu then click 'SEARCH')

key words or phrases:


  • The first Search is a search of the list of NAI documents that are contained in the CAIN bibliography. Users should use this facility if they know the name of an author or part of the title.
  • The Key Word / Phrase Search is a search based on key words added by CAIN staff. Users can use this facility to identify items related to a particular sub-topic.
  • When searching for surnames beginning with: "Mc", "Mc ", "O", "O ", "O'", "O' ", etc, the spacing (" ") can be important. If you are unsure just use the main part of the surname in your search.
last update 23 May 2023


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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