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example of nai recordThe Public Records
This section within the CAIN Web site contains public records related to the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland that were selected from the collection held by the National Archives, Ireland. The records mainly cover the years 1965-1985, and 1995-1998. The selection of records was made to complement the key events and issues that are covered on CAIN.

The Digital Collection
Currently there are 4,758 public records from the National Archives, Ireland on the CAIN site. It is hoped to be able to expand this selection in the future.

Finding Records
The main method of locating records is via the search page. However it is also possible to browse lists of the documents. In addition links to records from the National Archives, Ireland, have also been added within the main CAIN Chronologies. These links are highlighted by the following image: nai on cain

Record Citation
An example of a citation/reference for a record is as follows:

Lynch, Jack. (1969). 'Statement by the Taoiseach, Mr Jack Lynch, Wednesday, 13th August, 1969', (13 August 1969), [NAI Public Records TSCH 2000/6/657; 2 pages]. Dublin: NAI. ... [17555]
This is made up of:
the author; the year the document was produced; the title of the record; an exact date - day, month, year - if available; a note - if required - to suplement the title; the NAI reference number for the record; the number of pages; the place when the file is stored (all Dublin); and the holding organisation (all National Archives, Ireland).

The Menu Bars
The above menu bar provides links to information about the records from the National Archives, Ireland, and also links to allow users to browse the records or use the search facility. This menu bar is used on all the pages related to the records from the National Archives, Ireland.
The menu bar at the bottom of each page is a standard CAIN menu and contains links to the main CAIN Web site.

Access Keys
This section of CAIN uses a set of Access Keys.

Staff from both the National Archives, Ireland and CAIN worked together to select the relevant records, digitise them, and then prepare the Web pages on CAIN. The following were the main people involved:

  • Management of project: ConaireHazel Menton, Melissa Collins and ZoĆ« Reid (National Archives, Ireland), and Brendan Lynn (CAIN)
  • Selection of documents: Brendan Lynn (CAIN)
  • Scanning of documents: Elina Sironen, Claire Gleeson (National Archives, Ireland)
  • Citations for documents: Brendan Lynn (CAIN)
  • Web design and content: Brendan Lynn (CAIN), and Martin Melaugh (CAIN)
  • Search programme: Mike McCool (INCORE)

Staff at CAIN would like thank the National Archives, Ireland, for agreeing to the use of a small sample of their records at the CAIN Web site.

Launchs of materials

  • NAI section on CAIN first launched on 25 Oct 2012.
  • Updated 28 Nov 2013 with 750 records from 1970-74.
  • Updated 29 Jun 2017 with 926 files from 1975-80; see press release.
  • Updated 1 Feb 2018 with 930 files from 1981-85; see press release.
  • Updated 29 Jul 2020 with 965 files from 1986-88 (and some earlier years); see press release
  • Updated 23 May 2023 with 1,073 files from 1995-98


last update 23 May 2023


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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