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Key Issues - Women and the Northern Ireland conflict

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While this section is being completed the following publications, and related information, will be of use:

  • summary

  • selected reading list

  • background information

  • Main Pages
    • Harris, Helen., and Healy, Eileen. (eds.) (2001) Everyday Resistance, in, 'strong about it all...' Rural and urban women's experiences of the security forces in Northern Ireland. Derry: North West Women's / Human Rights Project.

    • Fearon, Kate. (1999) 'The Talks', in, Women's Work: The Story of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.

    • Democratic Dialogue (DD). (1996) Power, Politics, Positionings: Women in Northern Ireland, (Democratic Dialogue, Report No.4). Belfast: Democratic Dialogue.

    • McLaughlin, Helen. (2008). Women and the Conflict: Talking about the "troubles" and Planning for the Future, [PDF; 1495KB]. Belfast: Women's Resource and Development Agency.

    • Morgan, Valerie. (1996) Peacemakers? Peacekeepers?: Women in Northern Ireland, 1969-1995, (a professional lecture given at the University of Ulster on 25 October 1995). Derry: INCORE.

    • Ward, Margaret. (2005). Gender, Citizenship and the Future of the Northern Ireland Peace Process, Eire-Ireland, 40: 3 & 4, Fall/Win 05, [PDF; 210KB].

    • Women's Resource and Development Agency. (2007). Is gender part of good relations?, Report of a conference on A Shared Future organised by the Women's Resource and Development Agency; [PDF; 2219KB]. Belfast: Women's Resource and Development Agency.
  • official statistics
  • list of source material


  • CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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