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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
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List of Ministers in the Executive 2016-

List of Ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive Committee 2016-

The Northern Ireland Executive Committee is the equivalent of the Cabinet of the British government. The Executive is currently made up of The Executive Office (of the First Minister and deputy First Minister, plus two junior ministers), and 8 departmental ministers each of whom has responsibility for one of the other 8 Departments. (The total number of departments was reduced from 12, in the previous administration, to 9.) There is also a system of Statutory Committees each made up of 9 Assembly members to "advise and assist" the Ministers.

In terms of the nomination of Ministers in the Executive this is determined by individual political parties in the Assembly. The share of seats held by an individual party in the Assembly largely determines the number of ministers it can nominate. As for the positions of First and Deputy First Minister these are nominated by the largest and second largest parties respectively. In effect they act as chairperson of the Executive.

The Executive Office

photograph of
 Arlene Foster First Minster
Arlene Foster (Democratic Unionist Party; DUP)
(12 May 2016 - )

of Martin McGuinness deputy First Minister
Martin McGuinness (Sinn Féin; SF)
(12 May 2016 - )

Junior Ministers:
Alastair Ross (DUP)
Megan Fearon (SF)


of Michelle McIlveen Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs
Minister: Michelle McIlveen (DUP)
(25 May 2016 - )

photograph of
 Paul Givan Communities
Minister: Paul Givan (DUP)
(25 May 2016 - )

photograph of 
Simon Hamilton Economy
Minister: Simon Hamilton (DUP)
(25 May 2016 - )

photograph of 
Peter Weir Education
Minister: Peter Weir (DUP)
(25 May 2016 - )

photograph of 
Máirtín Ó MuilleoirFinance
Minister: Máirtín Ó Muilleoir (SF)
(25 May 2016 - )

of Michelle O'Neill Health
Minister: Michelle O'Neill (SF)
(25 May 2016 - )

photograph of 
Chris HazzardInfrastructure
Minister: Chris Hazzard (SF)
(25 May 2016 - )

of Claire Sugden Justice 1
Minister: Claire Sugden (Independent unionist) 1
(25 May 2016 - )


1 The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) was opposed to the possibility of any Sinn Féin MLA becoming Justice minister. For this reason, Claire Sugden, an independent unionist MLA, was offered the position.

Source of photographs:
Publicity photographs from the Northern Ireland Assembly web site.


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